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 Discover unseen routes, relish the variety in stunning stages, and become the ultimate kicker. Ready for the challenge? Download now. The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Kick Bastards Game Overview

Kick Bastards, the brainchild of Something Something Games, invites players into a riveting, fast-paced parkour adventure. This PC game is designed to plunge players into a world where expressive movement and dynamic challenges take center stage. Discover your inner speedrunner as you navigate through dimensions, evading the Devil's pursuit.

Dynamic Parkour Mechanics

At the core of Kick Bastards free download lies a dynamic parkour movement system that seamlessly intertwines real-world parkour techniques with fantastical elements. The game encourages players to dive into the complexities of combining and chaining movements to craft exciting lines. The absence of speed limits adds extra freedom, allowing players to build up mind-bending speeds while overcoming diverse challenges.

One cannot overstate the significance of a nuanced movement system in a game of this nature. It successfully augments the player's experience by facilitating a deep understanding of parkour mechanics. The synergy between real-world parkour and the fantastical elements creates an immersive experience that goes beyond the conventional limits of parkour games.

Ultimate Kicking Simulation

In Kick Bastards, the kicking simulation takes center stage, providing players an unparalleled opportunity to unleash many kicking fantasies. From commonplace objects to unexpected obstacles, it offers a plethora of elements waiting to be kicked. The sheer abundance of kicking opportunities serves as a linchpin for high-speed gameplay and contributes significantly to the game's overall appeal.

Every kick shows a compelling and thrilling experience. The precision and intricacy with which the kicking simulation is executed elevate the gameplay, making it a vital aspect of the overall dynamics. It's not just about kicking; it's about the precision and timing that make each kick a crucial element in the player's journey through Hell and beyond.

Varied and Beautiful Stages

No parkour game is complete without meticulously designed stages, and Kick Bastards PC download certainly boasts a plethora of varied and beautiful environments. The development team has invested a considerable amount of time and effort to create stages that are not only exciting to navigate but also visually captivating.

Each stage shows the commitment to offering players an engaging visual experience while maintaining the imperative of challenging gameplay. The stages are not inconsequential backdrops; they are dynamic elements that play a crucial role in shaping the player's journey.

Final Words

It is a combination of elements that results in a compelling experience. The deep movement system, the ultimate kicking simulation, and the varied stages create an experience beyond the superficial. It's not just about the escape from Hell; it's about the nuanced mechanics, the varied challenges, and the stunning visuals that make Kick Bastards free download for PC a good gaming experience.

Go on a journey where every kick matters, every movement is crucial, and every stage is a testament to the dedication of Something Something Games. Are you ready to kick your way to victory?

Kick Bastards

  • 2024-01-09
  • 1.8 GB
  • 1.0.4

Windows 7 Fix

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:Intel Core i5-8400H
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 570
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:8 GB