Dead Island 2 Gold EditionFree Download

Survive the gore-drenched streets of Los Angeles as a fearless slayer in Dead Island 2 Gold Edition! Unleash your skills, customize your character, and take on the relentless zombie horde in this thrilling RPG. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Dead Island 2 Gold Edition Game Overview

This game is a First-Person Action RPG developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. This exciting game offers players a unique combination of horror, dark humor, and intense zombie-slaying action. The game was released on April 21, 2023, and is available on various platforms.

The Unforgiving Streets Of Hell-A

Go to the gore-drenched streets of Los Angeles, now infested with zombies in Dead Island 2. Players will explore iconic locations, from the affluent neighborhood of Beverly Hills to the lively promenade of Venice Beach. The vividly designed setting sets the stage for an amazing gaming experience.

Brutal Melee Sandbox

In Dead Island 2 Gold Edition free download, combat takes center stage, delivering an intense, visceral, first-person experience. Players can access various weapons and tactical options to fend off the relentless zombie horde. The advanced dismemberment system adds to the realism and gruesomeness of the battles, making every encounter truly unforgettable.

Be The Ultimate Zombie Slayer

As players journey to survive the zombie-infested Los Angeles, they can choose from six unique characters, each with their personality and dialogue. The game introduces a brand-new skill system that allows players to fully customize their character's abilities, enabling them to experiment with various builds and playstyles.

Zombie Infestation - A True Los Angelinos Experience

The zombie infestation in Dead Island 2 Gold Edition PC download is challenging and realistic. Players will encounter various zombie types with mutations, attacks, and visually themed variants inspired by Los Angeles. These zombies' relentless and aggressive nature constantly threatens players, creating a heart-pounding experience.

A Cinematic Co-Op Adventure

Dead Island 2 offers an exciting pulp story that engages players in its twisted universe. Engaging quests and a diverse cast of characters add depth to the game. Players can team up with friends in an over-the-top co-op mode for up to three players, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and coordination to survive the gory trip in LA.

Alexa Game Control - A Unique Feature

One of the standout features of Dead Island 2 Gold Edition free download for PC is the innovative use of Alexa Game Control. Players can interact with the game using their voices, swapping weapons, setting waypoints, and goad zombies. This feature enhances immersion and convenience and is available in specific regions.

Gold Edition Goodies

The Gold Edition of the game comes with exciting perks, including the Golden and Pulp Weapons Packs available at launch. Additionally, players access two premium Character Packs, each featuring a unique slayer costume and weapon and the Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass includes the deadly Red's Demise Katana weapon and grants access to two major story expansions and another premium Character Pack.

Final Words

Dead Island 2 Gold Edition promises an action-packed and thrilling adventure through the gore-drenched streets of Los Angeles. With its distinctive combination of horror, dark humor, and over-the-top zombie-slaying action, the game offers a good gaming experience. Players can customize their characters, team up with friends in co-op mode, and explore the richly detailed world infested with challenging zombies.

If you're ready to take on the undead and uncover the truth behind the outbreak, don't miss out on the opportunity to play in the action-packed world of Dead Island 2 Gold Edition. 

Dead Island 2: Gold Edition

  • 2023-07-15
  • 37 GB
  • 1.1062983.0.1

All DLCs + Bonus OST + MULTi14

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:AMD FX-9590Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:10 GB


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