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Strap into your Strike space fighter and defend humanity against the Kaisertian invaders in Burning Soldier, an electrifying sci-fi rail shooter. Discover this action-packed game's thrilling gameplay, immersive storyline, and epic boss battles. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Burning Soldier Game Overview

Step into the futuristic world of Burning Soldier, a captivating rail shooter game that takes players on an adrenaline-pumping space flight adventure. Developed by Genki and originally published by Panasonic and Pack-In-Video, it was released exclusively for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1994.

Set in 2095, the game engages players in a battle against the Kaisertian alien race, who threatens to conquer the Solar System. As an Earth Defense Force fighter pilot, it's up to you to take control of the Strike space fighter craft and defeat the invaders. 


Burning Soldier free download, combines the thrill of space flight and intense shooting action. As a rail shooter, the game takes place from a first-person perspective inside your ship. You'll navigate through 18 stages divided into four missions, each culminating in a boss battle that must be conquered to progress. Your mission is to prevent the Kaisertians from overtaking the Solar System and restore peace to humanity.

Equipped with the mecha-style Strike space fighter craft, you'll face a barrage of enemies and hazards that require quick reflexes and precise shooting.

During gameplay, players must aim their reticle at incoming enemies and other threats, shooting them down before they inflict damage on the Strike ship. Additionally, you can employ a charge attack by holding down the B button, unleashing homing shots on-screen. However, this powerful attack cannot target projectiles or bosses.

The stages feature non-looping full-motion video, including the boss battles, which adds to the immersive experience.


Its charming storyline unfolds in 2095, when the Kaisertians, an ancient alien race, resurface in the Solar System to wage war against humanity. Long ago, they had colonized Earth, but a catastrophic flood decimated their civilization.

As an Earth Defense Force fighter pilot controlling the Strike space fighter craft in Burning Soldier PC download, your mission begins with destroying the Kaisertian flagship, Indra, which devastated a human colony on Mars. Although successful, Earth still falls under Kaisertian control, prompting a counterattack on their operation center in Tokyo.

As the game progresses, you'll face the Kaisertians' Guardian capital ship, engage in underground battles, and confront the Bug, one of the aliens' formidable fighter ships. Your final objective is to destroy the core of the Kaisertian base, ultimately liberating Earth from its invasion.

Final Words

Burning Soldier offers an enthralling sci-fi rail shooter experience, combining intense space flight and shooting action. As an Earth Defense Force fighter pilot, players embark on a mission to thwart the Kaisertian invasion and restore peace to the Solar System. Burning Soldier free download for PC has left an indelible mark in rail shooter games with its engaging storyline, gameplay, and boss battles.

Step into the cockpit, take control of the Strike space fighter craft and prepare for an exhilarating journey through the depths of space in this action-packed adventure.

Burning Soldier

  • 1994-08-10
  • 396 MB
  • 1.0

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