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Prepare for a journey through the scorching sands of conflict in 'Conflict Desert Storm II.' Discover the intense battles and gripping missions that await, all within reach for Windows enthusiasts. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Conflict Desert Storm II Game Overview

Conflict Desert Storm II is a tactical third-person shooter set during the Gulf War, where players command a squad of special forces operatives behind enemy lines. Focusing on cooperative gameplay, it offers intense battles, realistic military tactics, and engaging missions in the harsh desert terrain.

Gameplay: Navigating Covert Operations

Conflict Desert Storm II is a game rooted in the covert operations of 'Alpha One,' a four-man special forces team, which players can control as the British SAS or US Delta Force. This tactical shooter allows players to switch between squad members, issuing remote commands to the others. Notably, it supports multiplayer, with up to four players on the GameCube and Xbox versions.

The gameplay presents various tactical options, enabling players to choose between a head-on approach and stealth tactics when confronting Iraqi military forces. Characters in the game evolve as they gain experience, earning promotions and medals for exceptional performance during missions.

A range of licensed weapons and vehicles, including the M16 Assault Rifle and Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, are at players' disposal in Conflict Desert Storm II free download. Orders like "follow me" or "fire at will" can be assigned to squad members not under direct control.

Each member of the Alpha One team specializes in a specific role, such as designated marksman and expert sniper, making team composition crucial for mission success. For example, Foley excels in stealth engagements, while Bradley is the team leader and radioman, facilitating air strikes when needed.

Plot: A Tale of Liberation and Sacrifice

The storyline of Conflict Desert Storm II PC download unfolds against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. In response, a coalition of over 100 countries rallied to aid Kuwait against Iraq. Players assume the role of Alpha One, deployed on a rescue mission to free 'Delta Two,' an allied Special Forces team trapped behind enemy lines.

Alpha One breaches the city walls, locates Delta Two, and escorts them to safety while battling Iraqi forces. Later, they go on a covert operation to destroy an Iraqi radar site and fuel dump, leading to their capture. The team's ordeal darkens after brutal interrogation in an Iraqi prison. Salvation arrives in stealth fighter airstrikes, granting them a chance to escape.

As the liberation of Kuwait draws nearer, Alpha One's missions become increasingly critical. They disarm Sarin gas and neutralized SCUD missiles before halting the destruction of Kuwaiti oil wells. In a joint effort with the 2nd Marines, Alpha One secures an airport, renders SAM sites and air defenses inoperable, and ultimately destroys two Superguns in Kuwait City's harbor.

The game concludes with a sense of accomplishment as Alpha One witnesses the restored Emir of Kuwait expressing gratitude to the Coalition forces for their invaluable assistance, marking the liberation of Kuwait.

Final Words

Conflict Desert Storm II Back to Baghdad offers players a unique opportunity to relive the covert operations of elite Special Forces during the Gulf War. With its tactical gameplay and historical context, the game provides an engaging experience that engages players in the challenges and triumphs of the conflict.

Whether played solo or cooperatively, this title offers a memorable gaming experience for those interested in military history and tactical strategy.

Conflict: Desert Storm II (Disk 1)

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System Requirements

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