Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer 7.2Free Download

Free Download Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a game inspired by the battles between chickens in a ring. With various shapes, skills, and strengths, the chickens will fight in an action game to win for themselves.

Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer Game Overview

This mobile game blends strategy, fun, and competition into one delightful package. The game's title, which is in Filipino, translates to it. This game is known for its dynamic and interactive gameplay, allowing players to participate in fierce rooster battles online.

The Rooster's Journey

As you embark on your journey in it, you'll immerse yourself in a world of colorful chickens. Your mission is to assemble a formidable team of roosters, each with unique skills and abilities. Once your roster is ready, you can engage in exciting battles with other players online. The game encourages strategic thinking, as you must choose your roosters wisely to gain the upper hand in these feathery showdowns.

Multiplayer Madness

One of the standout features of this game is the multiplayer mode, which adds excitement to the game. You can challenge your friends or compete against players from all around the world in real-time battles. It's not just about winning; it's about honing your roosters' abilities and outsmarting your opponents.

Vibrant Visuals and Sound

The game's graphics and sound effects are designed to immerse you fully in the world of rooster battles. The colorful and detailed visuals are both captivating and entertaining. The sound effects add an authentic touch, making you feel right in the heart of the competition.

Progression and Rewards

It rewards players for their efforts and skill. You'll earn valuable in-game rewards as you win battles and complete challenges. These can enhance your roosters, making them even more formidable in the arena. The feeling of progression and improvement is a significant motivator for players.

Customization Options

The game offers various customization options to make your roosters truly unique. You can change their appearances, accessories, and skills to create a winning combination that suits your playstyle. This personal touch adds depth to the game and allows you to express your creativity.

Rooster Selection

Carefully consider which roosters you select for your team. Each rooster has unique abilities and strengths, so choosing the right combination is essential for success.


It offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines strategy, competition, and customization. Whether challenging your friends or competing with players from around the world, the world of rooster battles awaits you. With vibrant visuals, immersive sound, and the thrill of multiplayer, it's no wonder this game has captured the hearts of many players. If you're looking for a fresh and exciting mobile gaming experience, It is a game you shouldn't miss.


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: It is an online multiplayer game. It would help if you had an internet connection to compete with other players in real-time battles and to stay up to date with in-game events and updates.

Q: Are there age restrictions for playing it?
A: The game is generally suitable for players of all ages. However, it is essential to monitor younger players, as there may be social interactions with other players during online gameplay.

Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer v7.2

  • 2023-12-17
  • 89.7 MB
  • 7.2

MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Dragons Eyes, Powder)

Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer v7.0

  • 2023-10-05
  • 87.6 MB
  • 7.0

MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Dragons Eyes, Powder)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android