Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters 1.11.3

Free Download Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It brings you to monster battles where the strong will be the last to survive. You will use your collected resources to feed monsters and reach the scrolls for new power sources.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters Game Overview

It is a captivating game that thrusts you into a dangerous battle dungeon where your avatar takes center stage. Your avatar is not just any character; it belongs to a specific faction, wields a unique combat style, and, of course, boasts a level that determines its strength and abilities. As you progress through the game, your avatar will evolve, gaining increasingly powerful attributes for combat.

Epic Dungeon Fights in the Combat Arena

The heart of this game lies in the epic dungeon battles that unfold within the game's combat arena. These intense clashes require strategic thinking, a well-trained avatar, and a dash of luck. To increase your chances of victory, you must focus on honing attributes that can make all the difference in battle.


One of the most critical attributes in it is your avatar's Attack. A strong offense can significantly impact the outcome of a battle. By enhancing your Attack stat, you'll unleash devastating blows upon your opponents, bringing them closer to defeat.


Defense is equally essential in the world of it. Armor plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your avatar against enemy attacks. A well-armored character can endure more hits and remain in the fight for longer.

Maximum Health

A substantial health pool is vital for any successful avatar. Increasing your Maximum Health ensures that you can withstand the fiercest of assaults and continue to fight on. Don't underestimate the importance of staying alive in the heat of combat.

Class Bonus

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different classes is crucial in it. Your avatar can gain a significant advantage by exploiting class weaknesses and dealing extra damage to foes who fall into these categories.

Class Resistance 

Equally important is your avatar's ability to resist attacks from stronger classes. Class resistance can make a significant difference when facing formidable opponents, allowing your avatar to endure and prevail. These attributes, when cultivated and optimized, can turn your avatar into a force to be reckoned with in the combat arena. The path to victory is rife with challenges, but with dedication and a well-rounded avatar, you'll conquer the toughest monsters.


Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters is a thrilling destination game with excellent graphics and easy controls. Your avatar's evolution, the intense combat arena, and the strategic depth of the game create an experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end. As you hone your character's Attack, Armor, Maximum Health, Class Bonus, and Class Resistance, you'll discover the true power of your avatar and unlock the path to victory. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world and embark on an epic adventure that will test your skills and captivate your imagination.


Q: What is the goal of this game?
A: The game's goal is to lead your avatar through a difficult battle dungeon, defeating monsters and adversaries and ultimately becoming the ultimate champion.

Q: Can I customize my avatar in the game?
A: Your avatar is fully customizable. You can choose a specific faction and combat style and level up as you progress in the game.

Q: How can I increase my avatar's Attack attribute?
A: To enhance your avatar's Attack, you should focus on training and equipping items that boost this attribute. Additionally, leveling up and evolving your avatar will also increase its Attack power.

Minion Fighters - Epic Monsters v1.11.3

  • 2023-10-24
  • 121 MB
  • 1.11.3

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android