Mafia Sniper: Clan Domination 1.6.7Free Download

Free Download Mafia Sniper: Clan Domination MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It takes you to the most intense battle between mafia clans with legendary sniper rifles.

Overview of Mafia Sniper: Clan Domination

Look no further than Mafia Sniper, the thrilling Android game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. This action-packed game puts you in the shoes of a skilled sniper tasked with completing challenging missions and unraveling the secrets of the criminal underworld. In this article, we will explore the fascinating features and gameplay of Mafia Sniper, along with tips to excel in the game.

Gameplay and Features

  • Realistic Sniper Missions: Mafia Sniper offers a practical and immersive sniper experience. As a skilled marksman, you'll embark on thrilling missions that require precision and stealth. Take down high-value targets, rescue hostages, and infiltrate enemy hideouts. With each successful task, you'll progress further into the gripping storyline.
  • Wide Range of Weapons: To accomplish your missions effectively, you'll have access to a diverse arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, and more. Each weapon has unique attributes and capabilities, allowing you to adapt your approach based on the mission requirements. Upgrade your firearms to enhance their accuracy, range, and firepower.
  • Upgrade and Customize: In Mafia Sniper, you can upgrade your character's skills and abilities. Improve your aim, stamina, and movement speed to become an even deadlier assassin. Personalize your sniper's appearance with various skins and outfits, adding a touch of style to your lethal endeavors.
  • Challenging Enemies and Bosses: The criminal underworld is an entire of dangerous adversaries who won't hesitate to eliminate anyone standing in their way. From rival gangsters to corrupt politicians, you'll face various challenging enemies and formidable bosses. Utilize your tactical skills and adapt to different scenarios to overcome these powerful foes.

Engaging Storyline

  • Join the Mafia World: Mafia Sniper thrusts you into a captivating narrative where you play the role of an aspiring hitman. As you prove your worth to the mafia bosses, you'll gain their trust and access to more critical missions. Immerse yourself in organized crime's dark and intriguing world as you rise through the ranks.
  • Complete Dangerous Missions: Each mission in Mafia Sniper is meticulously crafted to provide a thrilling and suspenseful experience. Whether infiltrating a heavily guarded compound or eliminating a high-profile target, the game keeps you on the edge. The outcome of each mission directly impacts the progression of the storyline, ensuring that your choices matter.
  • Uncover Betrayal and Intrigue: As you delve deeper into the criminal underworld, you'll uncover secrets, betrayal, and unexpected alliances. The plot twists and turns, keeping you engaged and eager to unravel the truth behind the intricate web of deceit. Discover who you can trust and who has a hidden agenda as the story unfolds.
  • Stunning Graphics and Sound Effects: Mafia Sniper boasts impressive graphics and lifelike animations that enhance the gaming experience. Immerse yourself in realistic environments, from bustling city streets to clandestine hideouts. The attention to detail brings the world of organized crime to life, making each mission feel authentic and intense. Accompanied by immersive sound effects, the game creates an atmosphere of suspense and excitement.

Tips and Strategies for Success

  • Master your aim: Practice your marksmanship skills to hit crucial shots precisely.
  • Plan your approach: Assess the mission objectives and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Utilize cover wisely: Take advantage of the environment to stay hidden and avoid detection.
  • Upgrade strategically: Prioritize upgrades that align with your playstyle and mission requirements.
  • Stay patient: Sniper missions require patience and careful observation. Avoid rushing and be methodical in your approach.


Q: Can I play Mafia Sniper on iOS devices?
A: Mafia Sniper is available exclusively for Android devices. There is no official version for iOS.

Q: Does Mafia Sniper require an internet connection to play?
A: No, Mafia Sniper can be played offline once downloaded and installed on your device.

Q: Are there multiplayer features in Mafia Sniper?
A: Mafia Sniper focuses on single-player gameplay and does not include multiplayer features.

Q: How frequently are new missions and updates released for Mafia Sniper?
A: CASUAL AZUR GAMES regularly updates Mafia Sniper with new missions, features, and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.


Mafia Sniper: Clan Domination for Android, developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES, provides an adrenaline-pumping experience for fans of action and sniper games. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline, complete challenging missions, and uncover the secrets of the criminal underworld. With stunning graphics, a wide range of weapons, and intense gameplay, Mafia Sniper offers hours of thrilling entertainment. Download now and prove your skills as the ultimate sniper in the mafia world.

Mafia Sniper - Clan Domination v1.6.7

  • 2023-12-18
  • 89.8 MB
  • 1.6.7

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Mafia Sniper - Clan Domination v1.6.6

  • 2023-11-21
  • 90.3 MB
  • 1.6.6

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Mafia Sniper v1.6.4

  • 2023-10-04
  • 87.8 MB
  • 1.6.4

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android