Battle of Warships: Online 1.72.22

Free Download Battle of Warships: Online MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It owns challenging and attractive gameplay when players use modern warships to fight the enemy. With a wide variety of weapons and ships to collect, they will unleash powerful attacks.

Battle of Warships: Online Game Overview

This game has more than 20 unique battleships, including iconic vessels like YAMATO, Missouri, Bismarck, South Dakota, and even aircraft carriers you're in command. Take charge of these magnificent warships in epic battles that define history.

Ship Upgrades

The game boasts a unique upgrade system for each ship, allowing you to enhance your ships with advanced technology and various weapons, from torpedoes to interceptors and missiles. Create the ultimate battleship craft and conquer your enemies.

Realistic Graphics

It excels in the visual department, offering state-of-the-art 3D graphics that capture the essence of real war. Every detail is meticulously crafted, delivering a gaming experience on par with the best in the mobile gaming industry.

Intuitive Controls

The touch control system and gyroscope support make commanding your ship a breeze. Aim your weapons at the enemy and push the trigger, and you're ready to dominate the WW army games. Victory awaits, and it's not too far off.

Dynamic Weather

Experience the ever-changing weather system on the game maps, from sunny days to rain, sunsets, and even snow. Customize your battle experience with the weather you choose in this military game.

Expansive Battlefields

It offers massive world battlefield areas where you can engage in epic naval warfare. The sheer scale of the battleground adds a layer of realism and excitement to your gaming experience.

Customize Your Fleet

In it, you can customize your naval fleet. Choose from more than 20 battleships, each with unique characteristics and capabilities. Whether you prefer the massive firepower of the YAMATO, the agility of the Missouri, or the resilience of the Bismarck, there's a battleship to suit your playstyle. You can even take control of an aircraft carrier, complete with airplanes and jets, adding a new dimension to your naval warfare tactics.

Upgrade and Arm Your Ships

The key to victory in it lies in upgrading and arming your ships strategically. Each ship has its unique upgrade system, allowing you to enhance its health points, engine speed, and maneuverability. Arm your ships with advanced technology weapons such as torpedoes, interceptors, and missiles. These upgrades are essential in crafting a formidable battleship to dominate the high seas.

Immersive Realism

The game's attention to detail is truly remarkable. The 3D graphics create an immersive experience, making you feel right in the middle of a World War naval battle. The realistic battles, complete with dynamic weather changes, bring an extra layer of authenticity to the game. Engage in epic sea battles under different weather conditions and experience the challenges and advantages each weather type offers.


Battle of Warships: Online is an action game where you can rewrite history and become a legendary naval commander. With an impressive selection of battleships, extensive upgrade options, stunning graphics, and intuitive controls, this game offers an engaging and immersive experience. Battle against real players online or hone your skills offline.


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: The game offers both online and offline gameplay options. You can engage in offline battles against AI opponents or take on real players in online battles.

Q: What types of battleships are available in the game?
A: It features battleships, including iconic vessels like YAMATO, Missouri, Bismarck, and aircraft carriers. Each battleship has unique characteristics and capabilities.

Q: Is it a realistic naval warfare game?
A: The game is known for its realistic 3D graphics and dynamic weather system, which adds authenticity to the naval battles. It offers a highly immersive naval warfare experience.

Battle of Warships - Online v1.72.22

  • 2023-10-16
  • 145 MB
  • 1.72.22

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android