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Free Download Indy Cat: Match 3 Adventure MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This game takes players on a journey to areas filled with mysterious ruins and challenges they must overcome. Various match-three levels will have requirements with increasing difficulty.

Indy Cat: Match 3 Adventure Game Overview

It is an immersive Android game that offers a thrilling puzzle-solving experience. With its captivating gameplay mechanics and engaging features, Indy Cat keeps players hooked for hours. The game's objective is to accompany the adventurous Indy Cat on a quest to find the legendary Ball of Fate. Prepare for a thrilling journey with challenging puzzles, exciting quests, and rewarding treasures.

Gameplay Mechanics

Puzzle-solving gameplay Indy Cat revolves around solving puzzles through a match-three gameplay mechanic. Players must match three or more colorful gems of the same type to clear them from the board. Players can strategically swap adjacent gems to create powerful combinations and trigger chain reactions for bonus points.

Power-ups and Boosters

It offers a range of power-ups and boosters to aid players in their puzzle-solving quest. These special items can be obtained during gameplay or purchased using in-game currency. Power-ups, such as the Hammer or Lightning, allow players to clear specific gems or entire rows/columns, while boosters, like the Color Splash, help remove multiple gems of the same color, helping you overcome tricky situations.

Collection of Artifacts

Collecting artifacts is a crucial aspect of Indy Cat. Throughout the game, players will encounter various artifacts that hold significance to the storyline. These artifacts serve as collectibles and progress markers, rewarding players with bonuses, extra lives, or unlocking exceptional levels. The thrill of uncovering rare artifacts adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Quests and Challenges

Overview of the quest system: Indy Cat features an intriguing quest system that adds a sense of purpose to the gameplay. Players will embark on different quests requiring specific objectives within a given time frame. Quests vary in difficulty and range from collecting a certain number of gems to achieving high scores. Completing quests rewards players with valuable resources and unlocks new gameplay features.

Daily and Weekly Challenges Besides quests, Indy Cat offers daily and weekly challenges to keep players engaged. These challenges provide unique objectives that refresh regularly. By completing these time-limited challenges, players can earn extra rewards, boost their progress, and compete with friends on dedicated leaderboards.

Multiplayer and Social Features

Multiplayer gameplay Indy Cat embraces multiplayer features, allowing players to engage in exciting competitions or collaborate with friends. Compete head-to-head with other players in puzzle-solving races and aim for the top spot on the global leaderboard. Alternatively, team up with friends in cooperative gameplay to overcome challenging levels. The multiplayer aspect adds a social dimension, fostering friendly competition and enhancing the overall experience.

Social integration Indy Cat provides seamless social integration, enabling players to connect with friends and share their progress. Connect the game to your social media accounts and invite friends to join you on your adventure. Compare scores, send gifts, or request lives from your friends, creating a sense of community within the game. Social interactions add an extra layer of enjoyment and encourage friendly competition.


Indy Cat: Match 3 Adventure offers an addictive and enjoyable puzzle-solving experience through match-three gameplay, challenging puzzles, and exciting power-ups. The collection of artifacts adds depth and rewards exploration, while quests and challenges keep players engaged with fresh objectives and competitive gameplay.

Highlight the addictive nature and enjoyment of the game. With its captivating gameplay mechanics, engaging quests, and social features, Indy Cat provides endless hours of entertainment. The increasing difficulty, multiplayer options, and the joy of collecting artifacts make each play session exciting and rewarding.


Q: How do you play it?
A: To play it, swipe the screen to match three or more gems of the same color. Complete the objectives of each level and progress through the game.

Q: What are the game objectives in the game?
A: The game objectives in Indy Cat vary from level to level. They can include collecting a certain number of gems, breaking blocks, or achieving a specific score.

Q: How do you earn more coins in the game?
A: You can earn more coins in it by completing levels, achieving high scores, and participating in daily challenges.

Indy Cat - Match 3 Adventure v1.96

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Indy Cat - Match 3 Adventure v1.95

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Indy Cat v1.94

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 4.4+
  • Platform:Android