Restaurant Renovation 3.2.26Free Download

Free Download Restaurant Renovation MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It takes the player to the main character's uncle's restaurant, which is in poor condition, and you will perform renovation measures to help the restaurant change dramatically.

Restaurant Renovation Game Overview

Embark on a delightful journey filled with culinary challenges and engaging match-3 puzzles. The game revolves around Jessie and Uncle Bobby's endeavor to restore their restaurant to its former glory. You'll enhance your culinary skills and hone your management abilities as you progress.

Revitalize the Restaurant

Practice your cooking techniques and management skills as you navigate through colorful match-3 levels to renovate and adorn the restaurant. From the choice of décor to the style of renovation, the power is in your hands.

Innovative Match-3 Gameplay 

Experience a unique twist in match-3 gaming by introducing the Paper Plane gameplay. Creating a square of four matching tiles triggers the transformation of tiles into a paper plane. Checking the paper plane with tiles of the same color adds layers, offering a captivating and refreshing gameplay experience.

Personalized Decor Choices

Immerse yourself in the creative process by selecting from various décor options to suit your taste. From elegant themes to cozy setups, the game offers multiple choices for renovating the restaurant according to your preferences.

Restaurant Expansion and Upgrades

As you progress through the game, unlock new areas and upgrade sections of the restaurant, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Expand the restaurant's space and functionality to cater to a growing clientele.

Creative Touch

Completely free game to play, offering hours of entertainment. A vast and visually stunning restaurant awaiting your creative touch for renovation.
Engaging weekly events to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.


Restaurant Renovation offers a delightful blend of match-3 challenges and restaurant management, inviting players to enjoy an immersive culinary adventure. With its innovative gameplay and captivating storyline, this game promises hours of entertainment as you revive the restaurant to its former splendor.


Q: Can I decorate the restaurant according to my preferences?
A: You can choose various decoration styles as you renovate the restaurant.

Q: Are there any special in-game events?
A: The game offers various interesting events every week to keep the gameplay exciting and fresh.

Q: What makes the match-3 gameplay unique in this game?
A: The game introduces an innovative Paper Plane gameplay mechanic, adding a fresh twist to the traditional match-3 format.

Q: Are there any power-ups or unique combos in the game?
A: There are potent combos and various power-ups like bombs and the rainbow that help you solve puzzles and beat levels.

Restaurant Renovation v3.2.26

  • 2024-01-10
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  • 3.2.26

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Restaurant Renovation v3.2.25

  • 2024-01-08
  • 136 MB
  • 3.2.25

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android