Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game 1.28Free Download

Free Download Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This game will take you to a simulation world where you can become the manager of an entire police department.

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game Overview

This game is a captivating mobile game that challenges you to manage police precincts efficiently and strategically. Your journey begins with a small police office; your goal is to transform it into a renowned police station. As you navigate the game, you'll face challenges, make critical decisions, and manage resources wisely to succeed.

Deal with Headquarters Needs

From the start, you'll need to address the needs of your police headquarters. This includes upgrading facilities, improving your vehicle fleet, constructing new areas, and providing the best equipment to your team. Streamline paperwork, hire efficient police officers, and invest your money wisely to ensure the smooth operation of your station.

Combat Crime with Strategy

As a police tycoon, you'll take on numerous cases and devise different investigation plans to solve them. Your mission includes apprehending the most wanted criminals in your neighborhood. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to unlock well-known characters and put them behind bars.

Manage Resources Efficiently

Efficient resource management is essential for success. Invest your money and idle accountancy wisely to keep your police station and staff well-equipped. Pay attention to the electricity supply, provide cutting-edge technology to your agents, and consider armored vehicles for your special units. Every detail matters in your journey to level up. A poor strategy could lead to financial difficulties, so choose wisely.

Building Your Team

Your district relies on having the best team in town. Regularly assess the situation and hire workers according to your workflow and growth strategy. Each employee and department serves vital roles in your business, so intelligent team management is crucial. Unlock famous police officers to enhance your station's reputation and fight crime more effectively.

Ensuring District Security

Your ultimate goal is to accomplish missions and invest your idle money to achieve the desired security levels within your community. Balancing social security and profitability is key. As you implement your business strategy and grow your reputation, you may receive offers to manage larger police stations.


This game offers an engaging and easy-to-play experience for fans of management and idle games. It challenges you to make strategic decisions, grow your police team, and witness visible progress as you transform your small police station into the city's best police department. Become the ultimate police manager and ensure your district's safety while thriving in law enforcement.


Q: Can I customize my police station's appearance and facilities?
A: You can upgrade and improve various aspects of your police station, but extensive customization options may be limited.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play the game?
A: You can play it offline, making it suitable for on-the-go gaming.

Q: Are there regular updates and new content added to the game?
A: The game's developers often release updates, introducing new content and features to keep players engaged.

Q: Can I collaborate with other players in this game?
A: It primarily focuses on single-player management, and multiplayer collaboration is not a central game feature.

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game v1.28

  • 2024-04-02
  • 160 MB
  • 1.28

APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game v1.26

  • 2024-03-20
  • 202 MB
  • 1.26

APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game v1.2.5

  • 2023-09-14
  • 154 MB
  • 1.2.5

APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 9.0 +
  • Platform:Android