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Free Download Idle School Tycoon MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an exciting university construction simulation game with simple but fun gameplay. You will be the university administrator and create the education and other organizational activities to build the school in your own way.

Idle School Tycoon Game Overview

In it, you step into the shoes of a college principal with big dreams. Your mission is to build, expand, and manage your college campus efficiently. Here's an overview of what this exciting game has to offer:

Build Your Campus & Bring It to Life

Construct new classrooms, dormitories, institutional buildings, an infirmary, security rooms, a parking lot, a café, a gym, and more. Craft your empire from the ground up.
Upgrade essential components such as air conditioners, desks, modern blackboards, computers, bookshelves, and cupboards.

Recruit High-Quality School Staff

A successful college relies on well-qualified faculty members. Choose the right candidates and recruit staff members who meet your high expectations. This includes teachers, doctors, chefs, security guards, and more.
Balance your income and expenses to ensure the sustainable operation of your college. Efficiently manage resources to optimize student learning.

Collect Cards & Unlock Epic Characters

Discover over 60 featured cards to collect. These cards include characters to diversify your college's population, school equipment, facilities, etc. As you expand your college, you'll encounter new characters who will help you generate additional revenue to invest in sustainable operations.

Handle Unexpected Tasks

Maintaining campus safety is a vital aspect of your role as principal. A safe and harmonious campus is the foundation of a reputable school. It would be best to be prepared for various emergencies, respond swiftly, and effectively deploy your staff to resolve problems.

Explore Various Maps & Endless Fun

Embark on a journey through various maps, each representing a different type of school. Whether it's Lvy International College, the Culinary Institute of Galaxy, or the College of Mechanical Engineering, your leadership and management skills will be tested.


This engaging and strategic game allows you to fulfill your dreams of running a successful college. As the principal, you'll build and manage your campus, recruit top-notch staff, collect valuable cards, and handle various challenges. If you enjoy management and idle games, this title provides a casual yet strategic experience. Start with a small school and work diligently to transform it into a renowned college. This game is the ultimate adventure for those who love school simulations and idle clicker games.


Q: What is the objective of it?
A: The game aims to build, expand, and efficiently manage your college campus. You'll recruit staff, handle various tasks, and explore maps to create a successful educational institution.

Q: How can I improve my college campus in the game?
A: You can enhance your campus by building new facilities, upgrading existing components, recruiting high-quality staff, and collecting cards to unlock new characters and resources.

Q: Are there challenges and emergencies to handle in the game?
A: You'll encounter various challenges and unexpected tasks requiring attention and swift decision-making. Maintaining campus safety is a crucial aspect of the game.

Q: How do I expand my college campus?
A: You can expand your campus by constructing new buildings, upgrading existing ones, and recruiting staff to meet the needs of your growing student population.

Idle School Tycoon v1.7.5

  • 2023-09-20
  • 146 MB
  • 1.7.5

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android