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Free Download Dash Quest Heroes MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is one of those titles that take you on an adventure with many different areas and roles, from heroes to mages.

Dash Quest Heroes Game Overview

Dash Quest Heroes takes players on an epic journey through a vibrant and enchanting fantasy realm. The game seamlessly combines elements of Endless Runner and RPG genres, offering a unique and immersive gaming experience. Players assume the role of a brave hero who sets out on a daring quest to save the kingdom from dark forces and restore peace to the land.

Engaging Storyline

Dash Quest Heroes boasts an engaging narrative that unfolds as players progress through the game. With thrilling quests, unexpected twists, and charismatic characters, the story keeps players hooked from start to finish.

Customizable Heroes

Players can choose from various hero classes with distinct abilities and playstyles. They can further customize their heroes' appearance and gear as they advance, enhancing their powers and skills.

Intuitive Controls

The game features simple and intuitive controls, allowing players to master the art of dashing, slashing, and casting spells with ease. The smooth controls make the game accessible to seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

Stunning Visuals

Dash Quest Heroes delights players with its colorful and visually appealing graphics. The game's charming retro-inspired pixel art style adds a nostalgic touch, making it a visual treat for classic gaming fans.

Vast Exploration

The fantasy world of Dash Quest Heroes is vast, featuring diverse landscapes, hidden treasures, and challenging dungeons to conquer. Players can explore the kingdom, uncover secrets, and take on various quests to level up and grow stronger.

Epic Boss Battles

Brace yourself for epic boss encounters that demand strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Defeating these formidable foes rewards players with valuable loot and unrivaled satisfaction.


Dash Quest Heroes is a delightful Android game that blends endless runner excitement with RPG depth, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience. Its compelling storyline, captivating visuals, and enjoyable gameplay mechanics make it a must-play for mobile gamers seeking adventure in a fantastical world.


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: The game can be played offline, allowing players to enjoy the adventure without an internet connection.

Q: Are there any social features in it?
A: The game incorporates social elements, enabling players to connect with friends, compete on leaderboards, and send gifts to one another.

Q: How often does the game receive updates?
A: Games Studio actively supports Dash Quest Heroes with regular updates, introducing new content, events, and bug fixes.

Dash Quest Heroes v1.5.71

  • 2023-10-16
  • 74.4 MB
  • 1.5.71

MOD APK (Dumb Enemy)

Dash Quest Heroes v1.5.70

  • 2023-07-25
  • 92.1 MB
  • 1.5.70

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 7.0 +
  • Platform:Android