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Free Download Guilty Parade [Mystery Game] MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an adventure game that combines exciting role-playing elements. Players will participate in terrible military conflicts with a compelling storyline.

Guilty Parade Mystery Game Overview

The game immerses players into the gripping narrative of Nemo, a character grappling with amnesia and thrust into a turbulent world. Alongside him is Lien, another critical figure whose life is shaped by the horrors of war and a burning desire for retribution.

Two Opposing Perspectives

Nemo: Protected by the Commander, he infiltrates the squad to investigate the crime.


A child of war, seeking vengeance against black apostates while living in constant fear.

Secretive Investigation

Players must navigate through clues, make pivotal choices, and progress through the story to unravel the mystery's depths.

Fusion of Genres

Combining Visual Novel and point-and-click mechanics, the game offers autonomy in exploration, object interaction, and decision-making within the camp.

Building Relationships

Forge has unique bonds with diverse characters with distinct traits, habits, and unpredictable behaviors.

Impactful Choices

Navigate Nemo's journey not just as a detective but as someone adapting to an unfamiliar world, deciding where loyalties lie amid a military conflict.


Guilty Parade [Mystery Game] is a thrilling amalgamation of storytelling, choice-driven gameplay, and character development. With its gripping narrative and intricate gameplay mechanics, players embark on a journey filled with suspense, investigation, and moral dilemmas.


Q: What genre is it?
A: It combines Visual Novel, Point, and point-and-click elements, offering a unique blend of storytelling and interactive gameplay.

Q: How important are the choices in the game?
A: Choices significantly impact the narrative, influencing the scenes and the protagonist's journey throughout the game.

Q: Who are the developers behind it?
A: Noasaki and Orizori, a small indie group based in Russia, developed the game. They are the visionaries behind the storyline, art, and game design.

Q: Does the game offer updates or additional content?
A: Players can expect bonus art and news updates by following NozoriGames on Twitter and Instagram.

Guilty Parade [Mystery Game] v3.3.11-B1702402195

  • 2024-01-08
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  • 3.3.11-B1702402195

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 4.4+
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