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Let's go on an extraordinary adventure as a survivor and soldier in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem. Discover a shattered world teeming with secrets, where your choices shape your destiny. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Overview

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is an exhilarating hack'n'slash game that breaks free from class restrictions, allowing players to shape their characters according to their preferred playstyle. Set in a shattered and corrupted world, this action-packed adventure invites players to uncover ancient secrets and hidden truths.

Setting The Stage

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem free download unfolds in a world torn apart and corrupted. Players find themselves as one of the three survivors of the gruesome slaughter of Castagath. Rescued by the esteemed Grand Inquisitor Heimlock, they are enlisted in the Republic's Army of the Purifiers at a young age to undergo rigorous military training against supernatural forces.

Guided by Heimlock's occasional advice and training, the protagonist and their childhood friends Valeria and Edric become known as the Children of Heimlock. However, the peaceful existence is disrupted when the Brotherhood of Dawn infiltrates the Crimson Keep, a mysterious fortress lost in the desolate Red Wastes.

As the purpose of this attack remains unclear, the Republican Senate votes for a retaliation action against all known Brotherhood locations. Led by Grand Inquisitor Heimlock himself, troops are deployed on the Coast of Wrecks near the city-state of Stormfall, initiating Operation Dawnbane under the supervision of Justicar Maëlys.

Key Features

Free Character Development And Diverse Playstyles

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem allows players to develop their characters without class restrictions. Players can shape their playstyles and define their unique combat abilities by wielding various weapons.

Resource Opposition System And Strategic Use Of Resources

The game introduces three types of resources Rage, Willpower, and Stamina. These resources interact with each other using the Resource Opposition System, providing strategic choices for players. Stamina allows for dodging and swift travel, adding an element of tactical maneuverability.

Exciting Item Diversity And Customization Options

Players can gear up according to their offensive and defensive preferences with common, magical, rare, and legendary items. Unique items and rare affixes offer the opportunity to break conventional rules and unlock new possibilities, providing a rewarding sense of customization.

Exploring The Rotative Passive Skill Tree

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem features a Rotative Passive Skill Tree that offers 21 sub-class sections in the Gate of Fates. This expansive skill tree empowers players to customize their passives, tailoring them to suit their play style and creating a unique character progression.

Skill Customization And Limitless Possibilities

As players level up their skills, they can gain modifier points and unlock alternative resources, enabling them to create a personalized combination of skill modifiers. This system allows for extensive customization, such as changing damage types, adding new functionalities, granting buffs or debuffs, and even completely altering the mechanics of a skill. The possibilities for experimentation and innovation are endless.

Engaging In Strategic Fights With Complex Creatures

Wolcen presents players with formidable creatures that possess intricate patterns and deadly skills. Players can effectively dodge lethal attacks using their dodge roll ability by paying close attention to various markers and anticipating animations. This strategic element adds depth and intensity to the combat experience.

Shapeshifting Into Celestial Incarnations

One of the standout features of Wolcen Lords of Mayhem PC download is the ability for characters to shapeshift into four Celestial incarnations. Each incarnation offers a unique set of four skills, along with a devastating ultimate ability. This adds an exciting layer of versatility and allows players to adapt their strategies based on the situation.

Endless Replayability And Progression Opportunities

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem ensures that players always have something to strive for, whether playing solo or with friends. By improving gear through looting or crafting, gathering resources to unlock rare missions, and facing advanced challenges, players can unlock special rewards and experiment with new builds. The game offers content that caters to players' desire for progression and achievement.

New Visuals And Attractive Music

Utilizing the Cryengine technology, Wolcen Lords of Mayhem free download for PC delivers an engaging and visually stunning gaming experience. The meticulously detailed armor and weapons and richly designed environments create a captivating world for players to explore. To further enhance the realism, the game features 8 hours of epic orchestral music, perfectly accompanying players' journeys.

Unleashing Fashion Sense And Customization

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem encourages players to express their individuality through a robust fashion system. Players can customize their appearance by switching the visuals of their armor and weapons. With over 100 different dyes available, players can tune up their armor and create a unique style.

The game's asymmetric armor system even allows players to change the appearance of their left and right shoulder and glove, adding further depth to their personalization options.

Two Difficulty Modes And Progressive Endgame Challenge

To cater to different playstyles and preferences, Wolcen Lords of Mayhem latest version has two different difficulty settings, the Story mode and the Normal mode. The endgame content is designed to provide a progressive increase in challenge, ensuring that players face exciting and rewarding gameplay experiences even after completing the main campaign.

Final Words

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem presents a rich and compelling world where players can unleash their creativity and embark on an epic adventure. With its unique features, immersive visuals, and strategic gameplay, the game offers a compelling experience for hack'n'slash enthusiasts.

Whether you are drawn to the free character development, the diverse playstyles, or the endless possibilities for customization, it provides a thrilling journey filled with ancient secrets and exciting challenges. Join the ranks of the Children of Heimlock and discover the wonders that await in the shattered world of Wolcen. 

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

  • 2023-06-30
  • 21.7 GB

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

  • 2023-03-26
  • 14.5 GB

Endgame Update + 8 DLCs + Bonus OST, MULTi11

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

  • 2021-11-09
  • 12.1 GB

8 DLCs, MULTi10

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10
  • Processors:Intel Core i5-4570TAMD FX-6100
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:8 GB

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