WarHeads SE


In the vast expanse of space, gravity becomes your ally or adversary. Explore an extensive armory of weapons, experiment with strategic whims, and elevate your gameplay. Are you prepared for interstellar warfare? The cosmos beckons. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

WarHeads SE Game Overview

WarHeads SE, a modern reimagination of the classic WarHeads, combines strategy and interstellar mayhem to PC gaming. This turn-based extravaganza transports players to the vast expanse of space, where gravity plays a pivotal role in guiding missile trajectories amidst interplanetary warfare. With an extensive arsenal of weapons at your disposal, it's a cosmic showdown that demands strategic prowess. 

The Cosmic Battlefield

The Gameplay and Dynamics

WarHeads SE free download inherits its gameplay lineage from classics such as Tank Scorched Earth and contemporary titles like Worms. However, what sets it apart is the cosmic setting that alters the very fabric of battle. Unlike its terrestrial counterparts, gravity isn't just a constant force; it becomes a cunning ally or adversary.

Picture this: you're navigating a space vessel across the cosmos, missiles primed for launch. But gravity's influence isn't limited to merely tugging at your projectiles. It's an omnipresent force that can alter the course of warfare. Missiles are drawn towards the nearest enemy ship and bent by the gravitational pull of celestial bodies. This dynamic twist adds an intricate layer of strategy to every move you make.

Weapons Galore

WarHeads SE has an impressive armory that ensures you're never short of creative ways to annihilate your foes. From traditional cannons to futuristic energy beams, there's a weapon for every strategic whim. The true brilliance lies in discovering how each armament interacts with the unique gravitational landscapes of the game.

The variety of weapons allows for endless experimentation. Whether you prefer launching heat-seeking projectiles or unleashing the raw power of a planetary impact, WarHeads SE PC download encourages you to explore and master its vast weaponry.

Unlocking Potential: Registered Version Perks

The game offers a tantalizing taste of its interstellar warfare through the shareware version, which is fully playable and provides a comprehensive experience. However, the registered version is the key for those seeking to unleash their full creative potential and customize their arsenal with unique, tailor-made weapons.

With the registered version, you gain access to the game's full potential, allowing you to craft weapons that suit your preferred style of cosmic combat. This elevates the gameplay experience to a new level, offering a deeper layer of personalization and strategic possibilities.

A Universe of Opponents

Single-Player Adventure

WarHeads SE is not just about pitting your wits against the AI. It offers a robust single-player experience that challenges your strategic acumen across many missions. Each mission presents a unique set of obstacles and gravitational intricacies, forcing you to adapt your tactics continually.

The single-player campaign is an ideal training ground, preparing you for the unforgiving battlegrounds of multiplayer warfare.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Where WarHeads SE free download for PC truly shines is in its multiplayer mode. Engage in cosmic warfare against friends or fellow gamers across the globe. Here, your tactical prowess is put to the ultimate test as you vie for interstellar supremacy. The gravitational anomalies make each match unpredictable, ensuring victory goes to the most adaptable strategist.

Whether you prefer teaming up with allies or engaging in free-for-all carnage, the multiplayer aspect ensures that no two battles are alike.

Final Words

This remake of WarHeads brings an immersive experience where gravity becomes a strategic ally or adversary, and weaponry knows no bounds. Whether you conquer the cosmos alone or engage in multiplayer battles, the challenge is unending, and the fun is boundless.

So, venture into the cosmos, customize your arsenal, and test your strategic mettle in the universe of WarHeads SE. It's a journey where every decision counts, every missile matters, and every victory is earned through skill and strategy. The cosmos awaits your conquest; are you ready to embrace the challenge?

WarHeads SE

  • 2001-12-30
  • 7.1 MB
  • 1.55

WarHeads SE

  • 2001-11-30
  • 3.7 MB
  • 1.02

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows


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  • Genre:Strategy
  • Updated On:October 11, 2023
  • Developer:Retro64
  • platforms:Windows