Enter the world of contract hacking, where the Tracer virus relentlessly hunts you down in cyberspace. With 50 levels of intricately designed 3D puzzles, "Tracer" offers a gaming experience that will test your skills and keep you on the edge. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Tracer Game Overview

Tracer, a product of the short-lived Canadian studio Future Endeavors, is a PC gaming masterpiece that plunges players into the intriguing world of contract hacking within the confines of cyberspace. This action-puzzle game, published by 7th Level, challenges gamers to outrun the relentless Tracer virus and uncover the sinister secrets of digital deception. 


At its core, Tracer free download, is an action-puzzle game that immerses players in the gripping role of a contract hacker. The storyline unfurls in cyberspace, where an insidious virus, the Tracer, relentlessly pursues the player. A mysterious and treacherous client has unleashed this digital predator upon the protagonist.

Description of Tracer

Tracer invites you to log in and push the boundaries of your cognitive prowess. This PC game, compatible with DirectX Windows 95 and harnessing the power of Direct3D, showcases an amalgamation of compelling visuals and immersive gameplay. As the intrepid hacker, you embark on a contract, initially aiming to secure valuable information for your client.

However, the tables quickly turn, revealing a sinister plot, as the relentless Tracer virus seeks to obliterate your digital presence and, metaphorically, your very existence.

The game's narrative unfolds over 50 levels of intricately designed 3D puzzles as you desperately attempt to evade the ever-persistent Tracer. Your ultimate goal is to reach the core of the digital labyrinth and escape unscathed. Tracer PC download engages you in its world through a compelling FMV sequence that sets the tone for the journey ahead.

The Aim of the Game

As you delve into the cybernetic maze, you'll traverse a 3D grid populated with many objects and symbolic cyberspace scenery. To navigate this complex terrain, you must utilize "code pads" – your digital lifeline, initially limited to ten. These code pads come in sets of four triangles, each bearing a specific color. To place additional pads, you must ensure that the colored triangles match those of adjacent pads.

While you can acquire more pads from designated "reload sites" within the level, your inventory can never exceed ten, and each reload site can only be utilized once.

To advance through the game, you'll face one of three tasks:

  • Reach and step onto the level access port.
  • Collect a specific number of "code keys" and arrange them in an adjacent pattern on the grid.
  • Gather a series of "alignable code keys" and insert them into the corresponding code key ports.

Complicating your mission is the ever-present threat of the Tracer virus, which begins its pursuit as soon as you step off your initial code pad. The virus consumes code pads along its path, although it won't absorb laid code keys, merely passing through them.

Your journey across the grid becomes further complex due to "microchasms," gaps that require bridges for traversal. Bridges may be initially present or activated via switch pads, demanding strategic planning in their usage.

For added versatility, you can collect "extended code pads" which, when placed, can move up to three squares in the direction you face. These versatile tools can be used bidirectionally but are vulnerable to absorption by the Tracer virus. Unstable grid squares, known as "bad sectors," may disintegrate code pads, adding another layer of complexity.

Additionally, the 3D nature of the grid necessitates elevators for vertical movement, and "floating pad bridges" act as horizontal escalators for crossing microchasms and raised grid squares.

Other elements like teleports, power surge emitters that destroy code pads, magnetic distortion pads that impede the Tracer virus's progress, zipper pads for swift movement, and the non-lethal Seeker virus that briefly impedes your progress further enrich the gameplay.

Would Cyberspace Look Like This?

Regarding graphics, Tracer free download for PC may not boast state-of-the-art visuals but compensates with fluid animations. The viewpoint is adjustable, with an auto-setting that adapts well to the gameplay. Players can customize resolution and detail levels to accommodate various hardware configurations.

The game's FMV sequences offer engaging background context, while the soundtrack complements the cyberpunk theme. However, sound effects remain somewhat conventional.

Despite minor quirks, Tracer offers a compelling gaming experience. One potential challenge lies in managing your character's inertia and momentum, as carelessness can lead to encounters with the Tracer virus. Nonetheless, the game's inherent compulsion drives players to revisit levels, aiming for survival and speed.

A critical strategy in Tracer involves conserving code pads while efficiently mapping your route.

It also embraces the growing trend of user-generated content with a level editor. This feature allows players to craft their levels, fostering creativity and extending the game's longevity. 7th Level's commitment to providing user-designed levels further enriches the gaming experience.

Multiplayer Capabilities and Patch

7th Level has released a patch that introduces multiplayer capabilities through DirectPlay, supporting various network protocols, including Internet, IPX, TCP/IP, modem, and serial link. This addition allows up to eight players to collaborate or compete within the digital expanse. However, it's worth noting that applying the patch may introduce stability issues to the game.

Final Words

Players must strategize, adapt, and conquer a series of intricate 3D puzzles as contract hackers on the run from the relentless Tracer virus. While not groundbreaking in graphics, Tracer compensates with fluid animations and a customizable viewpoint.

Whether you're a puzzle-solving fan or simply seeking an immersive digital escapade, it offers a compelling experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional gaming.


  • 1996-06-29
  • 146.4 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 98Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows


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  • Genre:Strategy
  • Updated On:October 12, 2023
  • Developer:Future Endeavors
  • platforms:Windows