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Prepare for a battle against the undead in 'The House of the Dead III.' Discover the thrilling world of survival horror as we delve into this classic game. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

The House of the Dead III Game Overview

The House of the Dead III is a survival horror shooter game that continues the saga of battling undead creatures. Players take on the role of a government agent and must navigate through post-apocalyptic environments, utilizing various weapons to defeat hordes of zombies while uncovering a gripping storyline. 

Plot: A World in Chaos

The game is set in 2019, a chilling 21 years after the harrowing events of the 1998 Curien Mansion incident. The world is now plagued by a relentless zombie infestation, leading to the collapse of human civilization. Retired AMS agent Thomas Rogan assembles a paramilitary force to infiltrate the EFI Research Facility, once owned by Dr. Curien. Their mission: to uncover the facility's connection to the global catastrophe. However, the mission takes a tragic turn as Rogan's team is wiped out, leaving only Captain Dan Taylor standing.

The agents press on, discovering a colossal laboratory housing the source of the outbreak, but they are soon confronted by Death, a monstrous mutant guarding the facility. In a heart-pounding confrontation, Death kills Taylor, leaving Rogan wounded and alone.

Two weeks later in The House of the Dead III free download, on October 31, Lisa Rogan, Thomas's daughter, and his former partner, known simply as "G," embark on a perilous journey to rescue him. Their path is fraught with hordes of undead creatures, including battles against Death, a grotesque mutant sloth named The Fool, and a nightmarish tendril-covered plant called The Sun. Amid the chaos, Lisa grapples with living in the shadow of her legendary father.

As the game unfolds, flashbacks unveil Dr. Curien's desperate quest for a cure to save his terminally ill son, Daniel, which led to the outbreak at Curien Mansion in 1998. His obsession with studying life and death spiraled into unethical experiments in the pursuit of mutation as a means to change the world.

The game takes an unexpected twist when Lisa and "G" reunite with Rogan, and they encounter the enigmatic individual who aided Rogan earlier. This person is revealed to be Daniel Curien, who regrets his father's actions that devastated the world with the revelation that he intervened to prevent the release of a world-ending entity called the Wheel of Fate, an alliance forms between Daniel and Lisa.

Together, they face the Wheel of Fate, Dr. Curien's reanimated body, now a danger to humanity. In a climactic battle, they defeat the Wheel of Fate, averting further disaster.

Endings: A Story Shaped by Choices

The House of the Dead III PC download offers players four distinct endings based on their performance and choices throughout the game:

  • Canonical Ending: Achieved with rankings of B, C, D, or E. This ending shows Daniel, "G," Lisa, and Rogan leaving the facility, with Daniel vowing to ensure his father's work is not in vain.
  • Tragic Ending: Obtained with a high rank (A or S) and defeating Death as the Chapter 4 boss. This ending sees Daniel succumb to the infection, transforming into a zombie before Lisa's eyes.
  • Chase Ending: Attained with a high rank (A or S) and defeating Sun as the Chapter 4 boss. Lisa and Daniel discover their van stolen by a zombie, leading to a high-speed chase.
  • Mysterious Ending: Earned with a high rank (A or S) and defeating Fool as the Chapter 4 boss. This ending introduces a mysterious man in a business suit, hinting at a deeper, undisclosed purpose behind Dr. Curien's experiments.

Gameplay: Evolution of Survival

The House of the Dead III free download for PC introduces several gameplay innovations compared to its predecessors. Most notably, player characters are armed with shotguns, deviating from the semiautomatic pistols used in earlier games. On the Xbox version, reloading is automatic, while the arcade version employs light guns for swift reloading.

A significant departure is the absence of civilians to rescue. Instead, players engage in "Rescue Events" during stages to save their partners from attacking zombies, rewarding successful rescues with extra lives.

Introducing a "Cancel" bar requires players to repeatedly shoot bosses' weak points to drain the bar and halt their attacks. The game also features a rank and grade system that evaluates players based on their speed and accuracy in dispatching zombies.

Bonus lives and points have a revamped mechanism. Players can now hold up to nine lives, converting any additional lives into bonus points. New interactive objects such as silver coins, wind-up robots, and a miniature version of the recurring boss, The Magician, offer opportunities for extra points.

The "Time Attack" mode, available in several game versions, adds a timer element to the gameplay, with various actions affecting the timer positively or negatively.

Final Words

The House of the Dead III takes players on a thrilling, action-packed journey through a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Its branching storyline, multiple endings, and gameplay innovations offer an engaging experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Whether you're a fan of the series or new to the franchise, this installment delivers an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will test your survival instincts and keep you coming back for more.

The House of the Dead III

  • 2002-05-31
  • 490.8 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows


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