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Step into the driver's seat of history with 'Test Drive 4.' This iconic 1997 Windows exclusive lets you race 14 supercars on real-world tracks. Ready to rev up your nostalgia? The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Test Drive 4 Game Overview

Released in 1997, Test Drive 4, created by the Pitbull Syndicate and published by Accolade, remains an icon of its time. Having 14 different supercars and muscle cars, this title places the player in the driver's seat, challenging them to outpace computer-controlled adversaries across tracks incorporated into various real-life locations.


Diverse Vehicle Roster

Test Drive 4 free download invites players to the starting line with an eclectic ensemble of 14 supercars and muscle cars. From the engine's high-octane roar to the tires' screeching, each vehicle exudes a special character, injecting fresh air into the racing experience. The opportunity to slide behind the wheel of these mechanical marvels forms the crux of the gameplay, drawing enthusiasts and novices alike into the virtual driver's seat.

Real-World Vistas

One of the defining features of this racing title is its setting. The game's developers, to engage players in an authentic driving experience, have chosen five real-world locales as the backdrop for the adrenaline-pumping races.

These locales include Keswick, Cumbria, San Francisco, Bern, Kyoto, and Washington, D.C., for those playing on Windows and an additional location - Munich - for an extended experience. The meticulous attention to detail in recreating these locales lends a sense of familiarity and excitement to each race.

Challenging Tracks

The tracks in Test Drive 4 PC download are a masterclass in crafting diverse racing experiences. These aren't your typical smooth circuits but rather long courses that meander through rural roads and bustling urban streets. Adding a twist to the challenge, these tracks often introduce traffic and deceptively sharp corners that demand precision driving skills.

Staying one step ahead of the competition isn't just about speed but skillfully navigating the dangerous terrain between you and victory.

Time Constraints and Checkpoints

Test Drive 4 introduces an element of urgency and strategy through checkpoints. Scattered across the tracks are banners emblazoned with labels like "Stage 1" or "Stage 2." These checkpoints serve a dual purpose: they inject additional time into your race timer if reached before it expires and guide your progression along the track. Crossing the finish line is the ultimate goal, but it's the waypoints that guide your way.

Adversarial Police Pursuits

As if the tension of a race against formidable AI opponents wasn't enough, Test Drive 4 adds challenge by introducing the police into the equation. Should you push your vehicle past the legal speed limit, be prepared for the flashing lights of law enforcement in your rearview mirror.

The choice is yours: pull over and face the consequences or attempt to outmaneuver the persistent police car. This dynamic element keeps you on the edge, requiring quick thinking to avoid legal entanglements.

Unlocking the Garage

Not all cars are readily available in the Test Drive 4 world. Players start with just a handful of vehicles at their disposal, and the rest are hidden behind a curtain of challenge and progression. To add new cars to your collection, you must either win them or when in a hurry, purchase them. This mechanic entices players to explore every aspect of the game and to conquer various challenges, acquiring new vehicles a rewarding experience.

Single-Player and Multiplayer Modes

Test Drive 4 caters to solitary racers and those who thrive in a competitive atmosphere. In single-player mode, players are free to engage in various race types. Whether you're seeking a quick thrill in a Single Race, aiming to conquer multiple events in a Cup, or looking to test your speed in a Drag Race, the game has you covered.

For Windows players, the game offers three Network Options: serial, modem, and LAN. This wide range of choices ensures that players can enjoy a race against friends or rivals from around the globe, adding another layer of excitement to the mix.

Final Words

For those who crave a dose of nostalgia or an authentic racing experience from the late '90s, Test Drive 4 free download for PC, remains an enduring classic, offering an array of vehicles, thrilling tracks, and the challenge of outsmarting AI opponents and the law.

So, if you're a gamer with a penchant for racing history, consider taking a spin down memory lane.

Test Drive 4

  • 1997-11-02
  • 122.9 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 98Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11Windows Vista
  • Platform:Windows

Game Details

  • Genre:Racing
  • Updated On:October 19, 2023
  • Developer:AccoladeAccolade Europe
  • platforms:Windows