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In 2035, a nationwide riot erupts as 'Freedom' challenges 'The Corporation.' Dive into the chaos, select your character, and play your part in the fight against oppression. Can you alter the course of history and restore liberty to a nation in chains? The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

State of Emergency Game Overview

State of Emergency, a dynamic beat 'em up/shoot 'em up masterpiece by VIS Entertainment and Rockstar Games, unfolds in a dystopian America ruled by 'The Corporation.' Set in 2035 after a corporate takeover, an underground resistance named 'Freedom' sparks a nationwide riot, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency in Capital City.

The Plot

Dive into the detailed plot, revealing a weakened United States government, the rise of 'The Corporation,' and the subsequent formation of 'Freedom' in response to a corporatized totalitarian police state. Explore the gripping narrative as you navigate the complexities of a nation in turmoil.

The United States government found itself vulnerable after an economic crisis. Seizing the opportunity, 'The Corporation,' also known as the American Trade Organization, establishes a para-militaristic force, overthrowing the government and imposing a corporatized regime. Fast forward to 2035, 'Freedom' emerges as the beacon of resistance, initiating a campaign against the oppressive forces.

The game's premise revolves around Capital City, the epicenter of the struggle. The player becomes a pivotal part of 'Freedom,' charged with the mission to overthrow 'The Corporation.' Amidst the chaos and unrest, players must choose from five characters, each harboring a unique background and motivation.

The Rebellion's Faces

Meet the compelling characters driving 'Freedom' forward in State of Emergency free download. From Roy MacNeil, a fired cop turned revolutionary, to Anna Price seeking revenge and Hector Soldado organizing an armed resistance - each character brings a unique background to the struggle against 'The Corporation.' Learn how Ricky Thang's hacking skills and Edward Raymond's military prowess are pivotal in the fight for freedom.

Roy MacNeil, known as "Mack," once a highly respected cop, was dismissed for refusing to open fire on rioters. His dedication to justice led to a city-wide strike by fellow officers, and the Corporation replaced the entire force with its security firm. Anna Price, also known as "Libra," was a criminal attorney blackmailed into falsifying evidence. Her quest for revenge after losing her family drives her to join 'Freedom.'

Hector Soldado, or "Spanky," transforms from a hardened gang member to a charismatic leader, organizing his community against Corporation oppression. Ricky Thang, known as "Freak" or "Phreak," a skilled hacker orphaned in high school, uses his expertise to launch attacks against Corporation infrastructure. Edward Raymonds, "The Bull," once a professional football player framed by the Corporation, now trains recruits and leads attacks against the oppressors.

The Chosen Path

Explore the dynamic gameplay of State of Emergency PC download, where players choose two characters from the diverse lineup. Unlock the untold stories behind each character's involvement in the resistance. Engage in intense battles, strategic planning, and hack into the Corporation's infrastructure with Ricky Thang's expertise. Witness the impact of your choices on the fate of Capital City.

The player's choices are crucial as they navigate through the multifaceted challenges presented by the game. Selecting characters strategically determines the narrative arc and influences the outcome of battles against Corporation forces. The interplay between characters adds complexity, ensuring a nuanced and immersive gaming experience.

As players progress through the PC game, they reveal the details of each character's background, motivations, and unique skill sets. The dynamic nature of the gameplay allows for a myriad of approaches to challenges, keeping the experience fresh and engaging with each playthrough. Fusing beat 'em up and shoot 'em up elements ensures a vibrant and diverse gaming environment.

From Past Glory to Present Strife

Delve into the backstory of 'The Bull,' a former football star framed by 'The Corporation.' Follow his journey from a promising career to imprisonment and discover how he transforms into a leader, training recruits and orchestrating organized attacks against the oppressive regime.

Edward Raymonds, famously known as "The Bull," had a promising career in professional football until the Corporation's takeover of the league. Refusing to participate in Corporation-sponsored match-fixing, he was framed for drug use, serving five years in prison. Now, stripped of his once-bright future, The Bull channels his experiences to train recruits for 'Freedom' and lead organized attacks against the Corporation.

The Bull's story shows the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. His journey from the pinnacle of sports to the depths of false accusations mirrors the broader struggles depicted in State of Emergency. Through his leadership, players witness the transformation of an individual's pain and loss into a driving force for change.

Final Words

In the game, players are not merely participants but architects of change in a world dominated by corporate tyranny. As you engage in the gameplay, remember - the fate of Capital City lies in your hands. Download 'State of Emergency' now and experience the revolution firsthand. 

State of Emergency

  • 2002-02-11
  • 618 MB
  • 1.0

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  • Genre:Action
  • Updated On:January 8, 2024
  • Developer:VIS Entertainment Limited
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