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Join the zaniest undercover mission with Spy Muppets: License to Croak, where laughter meets espionage! Discover the comical chaos in the world of espionage with your favorite Muppet characters. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Spy Muppets License to Croak Game Overview

Released on November 18, 2003, Spy Muppets License to Croak is a humorous action video game that delves into the whimsical world of espionage. Developed by Vicarious Visions and published by TDK Mediactive, this game is part of The Muppets franchise and takes a playful jab at the iconic James Bond film series.

In this game, players take on the role of the ever-lovable Kermit the Frog, embarking on a mission to thwart the nefarious plans of a trio of villains. 

Unmasking the Muppet Espionage

The Plot: Kermit as Agent Frog

Spy Muppets License to Croak free download introduces players to a quirky world of espionage. Kermit the Frog steps into the shoes of Agent Frog, a sophisticated and froggy rendition of James Bond. He works under the guidance of Agent Patriot, portrayed by the stern Sam Eagle and modeled after the iconic M from the James Bond series.

Agent Patriot briefs Agent Frog on the nefarious activities of three formidable villains, setting the stage for a hilarious spy adventure.

The Villains: A Trio of Muppet Mischief

In this comedic spy caper, players have the freedom to choose the order in which they tackle the three villains:

  • King Prawn: Played by the mischievous Pepe the King Prawn, King Prawn is the cunning leader of S.H.E.L.L. (Secret Hidden Evil League of Lobsters). His plans are nothing short of shellfish, and it's up to Agent Frog to stop them.
  • Piggy Galore: A parody of the iconic Pussy Galore from the James Bond series, Piggy Galore, portrayed by none other than Miss Piggy, was once a top agent with M.U.P.P.E.T. However, she has gone rogue, and her hideout has been uncovered. Agent Frog must infiltrate her warehouse lair and bring her to justice.
  • Dr. Nose: Dr. Nose, a zany parody of Dr. Julius No, is portrayed by the eccentric Gonzo. His diabolical plan involves turning Earth into a giant egg from his frozen wasteland lair. Agent Frog must face the absurdity of this scheme head-on.

Missions and Gameplay

Each mission in Spy Muppets License to Croak PC download consists of four levels, offering a variety of challenges for players to tackle. The gameplay unfolds as follows:

  • Tool-Selecting Construction Level: In the first level of each mission, Agent Frog assembles his mode of transportation, which varies depending on the mission. Whether it's a boat, a convertible car, or a snowmobile, these quirky vehicles add charm to the game.
  • Travel and Confrontation Levels: The next two levels involve traveling to the villain's lair and dealing with their henchmen. These encounters are brimming with hilariously absurd enemies, such as mechanical lobster claws, pigs, and chickens. The Muppet humor is on full display here.
  • Boss Fight: The final level of each mission culminates in a boss fight against one of the three villains. Agent Frog must use his wits and unique skills to take down King Prawn, Piggy Galore, or Dr. Nose in a head-to-head showdown.

Rescue and Support

Should Agent Frog's health run dangerously low at any point during his mission, the day is saved by fellow Muppet agents. Depending on the mission, either Agent Rat (Rizzo the Rat), Agent Argh (Animal), or Agent FFF (Fozzie Bear) steps in to lend a helping hand. Their interventions add an extra layer of unpredictability and humor to the game.

The Grand Reveal: Statler and Waldorf

As the game progresses, players discover that agents B and B, portrayed by Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, have been pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, the big twist comes when they are unmasked as the infamous Statler and Waldorf, the grumpy old hecklers known for their wisecracks.

In a hilarious turn of events, they use the villains' gadgets to wreak havoc. Agent Frog must again rise to the occasion and defeat this comically malevolent duo.

A Cruise into the Sunset

In a heartwarming conclusion of Spy Muppets License to Croak free download for PC, Piggy Galore, despite her criminal escapades, survives her kidnapping and miraculously loses all memory of her treacherous past. Agent Frog and Piggy Galore set sail on a spy boat towards the sunset as the credits roll, marking the end of their unconventional adventure.

Final Words

Spy Muppets License to Croak is a delightful romp through the world of Muppet espionage, offering players a chance to experience the zany humor and quirky characters that the franchise is known for. With its amusing take on the James Bond universe and a cast of beloved Muppet characters, the game has moments of pure hilarity.

So, embrace your inner Agent Frog, embark on a whimsical espionage adventure, and relish the unique charm only The Muppets can provide.

Spy Muppets: License to Croak

  • 2003-11-17
  • 376.4 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows

Game Details

  • Genre:Action
  • Updated On:September 13, 2023
  • Developer:Vicarious Visions
  • platforms:Windows