Legal Crime

Go on a journey into the "Legal Crime" world, where you'll become a crime lord during the prohibition era. This immersive strategy game challenges you with unique gameplay and the opportunity to shape your criminal empire. Dive into the underworld now! The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Legal Crime Game Overview

Legal Crime, a PC game released worldwide in 1997, offers a unique gaming experience in the strategy genre. Developed by Byte Enchanters Inc. and, and published by 1C Company, GameStorm, and, this isometric real-time strategy game engages players in the tumultuous world of organized crime during the interwar period.

The Rise to Power

In Legal Crime free download, you step into the shoes of a crime empire's Godfather, navigating the murky waters of the prohibition era. Your journey begins by extorting funds from legitimate businesses, laying the foundation for your criminal enterprise. As the game progresses, you can bribe law enforcement and military forces, upgrading your operations into more profitable and illegal ventures.

From alcohol bootlegging to gambling dens and prostitution rings, your empire's potential knows no bounds.

The bribery extends to the military, allowing you to recruit a diverse range of gangsters, including snipers, Tommy-gun wielders, and even Cadillac-equipped hitmen, enabling you to carry out drive-by shootings.

A Game of Deception and Strategy

Legal Crime PC download is not just about brute force. Skillful bribery tactics and deception are essential tools in your arsenal. By greasing the right palms, you can gather invaluable information about your rivals, rival gangs, and sow the seeds of discord among your competitors. This may lead to the arrest of enemy gangsters, who can then become invaluable snitches or turncoats.

You also have the power to raid or demolish rival businesses, effectively eliminating your competition. In this high-stakes game, the ultimate victor is the one who remains standing when all others have fallen by the wayside.

Empire Building and Control

Your rise to power hinges on the ability to amass resources and control your territory. Armed with baseball bats and firearms, your gangsters are your enforcers, intimidating local businesses into paying for protection. However, you're not confined to this level of coercion; you can transform these legitimate enterprises into more profitable illegal operations.

The five types of criminal ventures available in Legal Crime free download for PC include bootlegging, entertainment (prostitution), gambling, and troubleshooting (hitmen). While the initial investments may be substantial, the potential profits are equally significant. In addition to your criminal operations, various supporting buildings are available.

Training centers expedite the recruitment of gangsters, ensuring they are both plentiful and well-trained. Collection centers optimize the depositing of funds from your illegal enterprises, minimizing the risk of your money carriers being ambushed. Stakeouts serve as ambush sites, allowing your gangsters to strike out at your enemies.

In Legal Crime, financial power reigns supreme. The depth of your pockets often determines the extent of your influence and, consequently, the game's outcome. Bribing becomes a vital tool in managing your empire effectively. Since some businesses operate illegally, law enforcement may scrutinize your activities.

By offering financial incentives, you can keep the police from shutting down your operations. Additionally, bribing the army equips your henchmen with better weapons, making them formidable assets to your mobster army. Bribing the FBI yields valuable information about rival gangsters, while local politicians can be influenced to pass laws that favor your interests, such as obtaining special permits to establish casinos.

Strategic Decision-Making

Legal Crime keeps players engaged in a continuous cycle of decision-making. Managing your finances, deciding on bribes, and recruiting gangsters requires careful consideration. Gangsters are motivated not only by a passion for violence but also by financial incentives. Running out of funds means they become neutral and may pose a threat to both your empire and your competitors.

Timing is everything in the world of Legal Crime. Choosing the right moment to strike against rival gangsters and seize a share of their operations is crucial.

A Unique and Original Experience

Legal Crime is a unique and original title in a gaming landscape dominated by clones and copycats. It may not boast some contemporary titles' flashy graphics or complex mechanics, but its distinctiveness and gameplay make it a rewarding experience. Legal Crime is original fun and offers nearly unlimited strategic possibilities for those who dare to embrace the world of organized crime.

Final Words

Legal Crime is a strategy game that allows you to step into the shoes of a crime lord during the prohibition era. With its intriguing blend of strategic decision-making, bribery, and the opportunity to build a criminal empire, this game offers an original gaming experience. As you rise to power and navigate the treacherous world of organized crime, your success depends on your ability to make wise choices and wield financial influence.

So, why not dive into the turbulent world of Legal Crime and see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate Godfather of the criminal underworld?

Legal Crime

  • 1997-09-14
  • 10.2 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 98Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows

Game Details

  • Genre:Strategy
  • Updated On:October 13, 2023
  • Developer:Byte
  • platforms:Windows