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Captain Faust and Smuggler Jazz Unite Solving Ancient Secrets in the East! Discover the world of Jazz and Faust, a detective adventure with dual perspectives, intriguing puzzles, and hidden treasures. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Jazz and Faust Game Overview

Are you ready to go on a thrilling journey through the enigmatic and ancient East? In 2001, 1C Company introduced gamers to the mesmerizing world of Jazz and Faust, a detective mystery adventure game that continues to intrigue players even today.

Set against the backdrop of the past, this game combines graphic adventure, puzzle-solving, and detective work to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

Unveiling The Plot A Quest For Lost Treasure

Jazz and Faust welcome players to assume the roles of two distinct characters - the daring sea captain, Faust, or the cunning smuggler, Jazz. Both protagonists find themselves driven by the same purpose to seek out the hidden treasure that lies buried in the depths of the ancient East. As you step into their shoes, you'll be transported to a world of intrigue and mystery, where the secrets of the past unravel as you progress.

Gameplay Navigating The Ancient East

The gameplay of Jazz and Faust free download, draws inspiration from the classic adventure game Myst. While it shares the static-image representation of the gaming world, this captivating title distinguishes itself by offering a third-person perspective for character control. As you venture through the game, the world comes alive, and you must rely on your wits and intuition to uncover the truth hidden within the exotic locales.

The game's interface is point-and-click, allowing players to interact seamlessly with the environment and its inhabitants. Each decision and action brings you closer to the ultimate goal, making your journey a gripping tale of discovery.

Two Perspectives, One Epic Adventure

One of the most fascinating aspects of Jazz and Faust PC download is its dual-perspective gameplay. Depending on your chosen character, the storyline unfolds differently, providing unique paths, challenges, and puzzles. While the stories start in the same city and share the same period, they diverge, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience even for seasoned players who decide to explore both characters' journeys.

Jazz, the resourceful smuggler, begins his adventure from a jail cell, striving to secure enough gold for his freedom. On the other hand, Faust, the seasoned sea captain, commences his quest by searching for a passenger who has mysteriously disappeared from his ship.

The distinct paths of Jazz and Faust free download for PC, will take you through bustling seaports, eerie ghost towns, desert caravans, and treacherous pirate-infested waters, all brimming with danger and appeal.

Final Words

Jazz and Faust is a detective mystery adventure game that transports players to the enigmatic world of the ancient East. With its unique dual-perspective gameplay, players can experience the enthralling story from two distinct angles, accompanied by captivating puzzle-solving elements and detective work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take on the roles of Jazz and Faust, and set forth on a quest for a lost treasure that will test your wits and unravel the secrets of the past in this gripping detective adventure.

Download Jazz and Faust and get ready to unlock the mysteries of the ancient East like never before!

Jazz and Faust

  • 2001-09-11
  • 677 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

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  • Platform:Windows

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  • Genre:RPG
  • Updated On:July 31, 2023
  • Developer:Saturn Plus
  • platforms:Windows
  • modes:Old Games