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Hooligans is your ticket to the exciting world of hooliganism. Experience a gripping narrative, diverse gang roles, and the need to balance drugs, alcohol, and violence in this strategy game. Download it for free on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Hooligans Game Overview

Hooligans, a compelling real-time strategy video game developed by DarXabre and unleashed into the gaming world in 2002 for PC fans, is a gritty venture into the world of hooliganism. With a North American release under the banner of Hip Games, this game takes you on a turbulent journey through a football season, where the primary goal is to establish notoriety as the most fearsome hooligan gang in Europe.

In this visceral odyssey, players are tasked with inflicting mayhem and chaos upon rival hooligan factions, painting the continent red through acts of violence, destruction, and betrayal.

Unraveling the Narrative

Embarking on a Chaotic Continental Tour

Within Hooligans free download, players will find themselves thrust into a gripping narrative that takes the form of a documentary. The tale unfurls as a former hooligan, now turned journalist, aligns with a local firm in the Netherlands. Their objective? To traverse Europe during a continental championship, fervently pursuing a single goal: securing the coveted Dutch cup, employing any means at their disposal.

This immersive journey unfolds across diverse in-game locations, each demanding its share of ruthless carnage. To achieve victory, it's incumbent upon the player to incapacitate or eliminate rival hooligan gangs at every twist and turn.

The Hierarchy of Hooliganism

Understanding the Gang's Diverse Roles

Hooligans PC download are not homogenous; they come divided into distinct classes, each equipped with a unique skill set and purpose. At the helm of the gang is the Leader, the linchpin with the exclusive ability to wield firearms, rallying his comrades and coordinating their efforts.

On the other hand, the Rat serves as an agile scout, adept at infiltrating residential premises without raising the alarm. Yet, this role comes with a caveat - limited stamina and a penchant for indulging in intoxicants.

The Hooligan stands as the demolitions expert, instrumental in crowd control operations, while the Raver serves as the gang's life of the party, using a thunderous boombox to distract rivals. The Raver is unfazed by chemical temptations thanks to strong drug tolerance but easily succumbs to inebriation.

The Biker and Bulch represent the athletic duo of the gang with superior health reserves. The Biker has the added advantage of commandeering vehicles, wielding them as transport and a formidable weapon against adversaries. As for the Bulch, he is the robust enforcer, inflicting brutal mayhem on fellow hooligans and deploying his strength to block enemy movement.

Maintaining the Mayhem

Balancing Drugs, Alcohol, and Violence

In the chaotic domain of Hooligans, the sustenance of gang members hinges on a curious trio: drugs, alcohol, and unrelenting violence. Neglecting these essentials could send your gang members adrift towards lawful and peaceful activities, a fate no true hooligan wishes to embrace. The game allows you to replenish your gang's resources by looting local shops, a critical funding source.

Yet, achieving victory is not straightforward, as players must contend with fierce opposition from rival gangs and the relentless forces of law and order.

Final Words

With a turbulent, documentary-style storyline, it casts players on a heart-pounding continental tour, aiming to secure football's holy grail for the Dutch by any means necessary. By delving into the complex hierarchy of hooligan roles and the necessity of perpetuating violence, drugs, and alcohol, this game challenges players to master a combination of strategy and mayhem.

Will you rise to the occasion, orchestrating chaos and anarchy on your path to dominance, or will the forces of law and rival hooligan gangs quell your ambitions?

In Hooligans free download for PC, the choice is yours as you navigate this difficult journey, teetering on the edge between notoriety and oblivion.


  • 2002-01-24
  • 116.3 MB
  • 1.0

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  • Platform:Windows

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  • Genre:Strategy
  • Updated On:October 17, 2023
  • Developer:The Thirteenth Production B.V.
  • platforms:Windows