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Plan and execute a metropolis that thrives on complex resource-based economies. Manage up to 40 million inhabitants, trade resources, and enjoy the spectacle of a bustling city. Download for free and redefine how you build and manage cities on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Highrise City Game Overview

Highrise City, developed by Fourexo Entertainment, introduces a fresh perspective to city simulations and tycoon games. Unlike traditional city builders, the game emphasizes production chains and a complex resource-based economic system.

Planning Economic Prosperity

In Highrise City free download, the objective extends beyond constructing a city. Players actively manage the city's economic supplies, orchestrating efficient supply chains to maintain a balanced economy. The PC game challenges players to create true megacities with tens of millions of citizens, providing tools to ensure steady growth and flourishing metropolises.

The beauty lies in its ability to combine two distinct genres seamlessly – City Builders and traditional Economy & Resource Management Simulations. The result is challenging gameplay that offers all the possibilities and tools to create a living, breathing city. As a player, you're an economic strategist experiencing the complexities of resource management.

Megacity Features

It has various features, creating a multifaceted gaming experience:

Population Dynamics: Manage up to 40 million inhabitants per city, each with needs and demands.
Diverse Buildings: With over 310 base buildings, the game provides many structures, allowing for customizing your cityscape.
Resource Abundance: Juggle more than 60 different resources, each playing a vital role in the economic machinery of your city.
Vibrant Simulation: Experience the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis with over 30,000 buildings, 15,000 cars, and more than 20,000 citizens per city.
Expansive Playgrounds: Highrise City PC download offers a staggering 196 km² of possible playground on each map, mirroring real geographic regions like New York, Vancouver, and Rio.

Strategic Depth and Challenge

One of the quintessential aspects of Highrise City is the strategic depth it offers. The game caters to players of all skill levels with adjustable difficulty levels for both beginners and advanced players. As your city flourishes, you can improve it further by enacting laws and investing in technology research. The option for resource trading adds complexity, forcing you to balance your economy to ensure sustained growth.

Moreover, the inclusion of a New Game Plus with new challenges and a blueprint mode keeps the experience fresh, offering replayability beyond the initial city-building phase. It is about thriving in the face of challenges and evolving your cityscape dynamically.

The Joy of Creation

Once you've mastered creating a prosperous city, it invites you to enjoy your masterpiece. Witness thousands of people and cars filling the streets, creating a vibrant, miniature world. Micro animations hidden throughout add a touch of life to your creation, making it a truly enjoyable gaming experience.

The joy extends beyond the strategic challenges, allowing you to appreciate the living, breathing city you've crafted. Highrise City free download for PC doesn't just stop at the macro scale of city management; it delves into the microcosm, providing moments of delight as you observe the intricacies of your city's life.

Mod Support & Creative Expression

It encourages players to go beyond the ordinary. The integrated building editor allows for easy development and implementation of a fully custom look for your city. Share your creativity with the community using Steam Workshop, where you can implement your buildings and skyscrapers and even tweak game balancing to suit your vision.

The potential for creative expression is vast, making it more than just a game but a platform for artistic innovation within the gaming community. Collaborating between developers and players through mod support enhances the overall experience, ensuring each player's city uniquely reflects their imagination.

Final Words

It stands out as a refreshing take on city-building and economic simulation. With its focus on production chains, intricate resource management, and the joy of creating and enjoying a thriving metropolis, this game redefines the genre. Download Highrise City for free and go on a strategic journey to reshape urban landscapes.

Highrise City

  • 2024-04-13
  • 5.5 GB
  • 1.6a


Highrise City: Metro & Planes Bundle

  • 2023-12-22
  • 5.2 GB
  • 1.2.0

Dec 20 2023/BuildID 13024104 + DLC + Bonus OST, MULTi13

Highrise City

  • 2023-09-05
  • 5.3 GB
  • 1.20

Sep 5 2023 / BuildID 12113025 + Bonus OST, MULTi13

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:Intel Core i7-7700
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 Ti
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:16 GB

Game Details

  • Genre:Strategy
  • Updated On:April 16, 2024
  • Developer:Fourexo Entertainment
  • platforms:Windows
  • modes:Single-player