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Unleash the Brave Knights of Camelot! Engage yourself in Golden Logres, a mesmerizing pinball adventure through Arthurian legends. The game is available for free download on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Golden Logres Game Overview

Discover the world of Golden Logres, a pinball video game developed by LittleWing Co. Ltd. This action and simulation game, first released on Windows in 2003, takes players through the Arthurian legends. Join the noble knights of the round table as they go on exciting quests, defeat mythical creatures, and seek the legendary Holy Grail.

Embarking On The Arthurian Quest

Golden Logres free download features three tables based on the Arthurian legends Camelot, Land's End, and Fisher King. Each table presents a unique set of quests and challenges for players to conquer. The game's top-down perspective provides a comprehensive view of the pinball action, allowing players to strategize and aim for high scores.

Camelot The Quest For Glory

In Camelot's first table, players undertake quests assigned to different round table knights. Players must shoot ramps, sink the ball into holes, or hit specific targets to initiate an adventure. The court jester, Taliessin, assigns quests to the knights, and a small window on the table displays event details, enriching the storytelling aspect of the game. Once all quests are completed, the game progresses to the next table.

Land's End Proving Bravery

On the Land's End table, players accompany Lancelot, Tristan, and Gawain, three of the bravest knights, on their dangerous quests. Completing each quest triggers a multiball, adding an element of excitement to the gameplay. Players must use their skills to defeat the dragon, lift the curse on Dolorous Gard, and defeat the Green Knight to succeed in their missions.

Fisher King The Holy Grail

The final table, Fisher King, brings the ultimate challenge of collecting the Holy Grail from the castle. Players take on the roles of Perceval, Bors, and Galahad, the guardians of the grail, as they face daunting trials. Balin, Gareth, and Palomides, fellow knights, provide crucial assistance. Players must retrieve the sacred cup to achieve victory, utilizing precise shots and lighting up specific targets.

Pinball Power And Simulation

Golden Logres PC download offers a seamless combination of pinball excitement and simulation elements. The game mechanics provide a realistic pinball experience, making players feel like they are navigating actual pinball machines. Combining action and simulation elements ensures an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience.

Final Words

Golden Logres, a pinball video game developed by LittleWing Co. Ltd., immerses players in the magical world of Arthurian legends. The game's engaging narrative, stunning visuals, and seamless blend of pinball and simulation elements ensure an unforgettable gaming experience.

Embark on a heroic adventure, prove your bravery, and seek the legendary Holy Grail in the kingdom of Golden Logres free download for PC.

Golden Logres

  • 1999-07-21
  • 20.4 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows