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Roam the whimsical world of Goat Simulator 3, where mayhem meets hilarity! Join Pilgor and your friends in this engaging yet utterly ridiculous sandbox experience. From headbutting to competing in mini-games, it's the goat-filled adventure you didn't know you needed. The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Goat Simulator 3 Game Overview

Goat Simulator 3 is a light-hearted PC game where you can explore the open world of San Angora as Pilgor the goat. Enjoy wreaking havoc, customizing your goat with various skins and outfits, and engaging in entertaining mini-games. 

Exploring the Open World

Venture into the vast open world of Goat Simulator 3 free download, where the island of San Angora awaits your mischievous antics. Lick, headbutt, and wreak havoc as you navigate through diverse landscapes, from bustling towns to serene countryside. Discover hidden secrets, interact with quirky NPCs, and immerse yourself in a world brimming with surprises at every turn.

Unleashing Your Inner Goat

In Goat Simulator 3 PC download, you can be the goat of your dreams. Whether you prefer a traditional goat experience or want to spice things up with unique skins like tall or stripey goats, it offers various customization options to suit your style. Dress your goat in absurd outfits, from tea trays to jetpacks, and let your imagination run wild as you strut your stuff in style.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

With a team of dedicated game designers behind the scenes, it delivers an engaging gameplay experience that keeps players returning for more. From dynamic physics to quirky status effects, collectibles to uncover, and easter eggs to discover, every moment is filled with surprises and laughter.

The addition of mini-games adds entertainment, offering players a variety of challenges to test their skills and keep them entertained for hours on end.

Community Interaction

One of the standout features of Goat Simulator 3 is its emphasis on community interaction. With local and online co-op modes available for up to four players, you can team up with friends or compete against each other in a series of wacky challenges. This PC simulation game encourages a sense of connection and competition among players, creating a lively and engaging multiplayer experience that adds depth to the gameplay.

Embracing the Absurdity

At its core, Goat Simulator 3 free download for PC embraces the absurdity of its premise and invites players to let loose and have fun in a world where anything is possible. Whether you're causing chaos with friends, exploring hidden corners of the map, or simply enjoying the quirky humor woven throughout the game, it offers a lighthearted and entertaining experience that will surely bring a smile to your face.


It is a unique and entertaining game that allows players to embrace their inner goats and indulge in whimsical adventures. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, cooperative multiplayer mode, constant updates adding fresh content, and emphasis on community interaction, it promises endless hours of laughter and fun for players of all ages.

So gather your herd, venture into the farmyard chaos, and let the hilarity ensue in Goat Simulator 3.

Goat Simulator 3: Multiversal Traveler's Bundle

  • 2024-06-30
  • 3.5 GB

2 DLCs + Bonus Content + MULTi12

Goat Simulator 3

  • 2024-05-13
  • 3.6 GB

Goat Simulator 3

  • 2024-04-06
  • 3.7 GB

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:i5 4690k
  • Graphics:GTX 1050 Ti (4GB VRAM)
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:8 GB


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