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Fancy a road trip with a twist? Dive into Fernbus Simulator, that puts you in the driver's seat of a MAN Lion’s Coach, navigating the highways of Germany. Discover the charm of over 40 cities, tackle real-life challenges, and engage in virtual coach driving. Ready to roll? The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Fernbus Simulator Game Overview

Welcome to Fernbus Simulator – where the open road meets your PC screen. Developed by TML-Studios and brought by Aerosoft GmbH, this PC game is not your typical joyride; it's a virtual road trip through Germany. Picture yourself in the driver's seat of a MAN Lion’s Coach, steering through the bustling streets of more than 40 cities. Get ready for a journey that's more than just a game - a road adventure.

Going on the German Odyssey

Discover the Charm

The magic begins as you explore over 40 cities, from Berlin's iconic streets to Munich's vibrant atmosphere. What sets Fernbus Simulator free download apart is its dedication to mirroring the real FlixBus route network, covering a staggering 20,000 kilometers. And it's not just about the destination but the journey.

Confronting Real-Life Trials

Navigational Odyssey

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through a complex network of motorways and roads. Construction sites, traffic jams, and unexpected accidents are not just game elements - they're challenges to keep you on your toes. With dynamic weather and a day-night cycle, every journey tests your skills and adaptability.

Passenger Interactions and Genuine Features

Ticket to Realism

Ever wondered what it's like to manage a bus full of passengers? Fernbus Simulator PC download brings the experience to life. Passengers with tickets board immediately, while others line up to purchase from you, the driver. Authenticity is key, from the licensed MAN Lion's Coach to detailed passenger announcements - it's all about creating a realistic atmosphere.

Feel free to leave the bus in free-play mode for an even more interactive experience.

Evaluation Tools and Creative Repaints

Your Journey, Your Way

Fernbus Simulator doesn't just leave you on the road but provides tools for self-improvement. The evaluation tool allows you to track your performance and enhance your skills. But it's not all serious business; take a break from the routine with repaint options.

Customize your MAN coach to match your style; it's your journey.

Final Words

So, there you have it - Fernbus Simulator free download for PC, where every drive is an authentic journey through the twists and turns of German roads. From the FlixBus collaboration to the thorough details of the MAN buses, this free simulation PC game captures the essence of life on the road. Are you ready to embrace the challenges and conquer the highways?

Download now and go on your virtual adventure. It's a road trip waiting to happen. Buckle up!

Fernbus Simulator

  • 2017-10-21
  • 2.7 GB
  • 1.0

2 DLCs, MULTi12

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:Intel Core i5
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 560
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:6 GB