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Join Dora and Boots on a dance-filled exploration to rescue Swiper the fox, from a magical bottle! Dive into the exciting adventures of 'Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue' and download it for free on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue Game Overview

Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue is a PC game that brings to life the adventures of Dora the Explorer, based on the TV special "Dance to the Rescue." Released as the 10th episode of Season 4 of the popular children's show, this game takes players on a dance-filled journey as they help Dora and Boots save Swiper the fox from a magical bottle. 


The game follows the storyline of the TV special closely. Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue free download begins with Dora and Boots recalling when Swiper, the sly fox, is tricked by a mean Dancing Elf and trapped inside a magical bottle. To free Swiper, Dora needs to use her dancing powers, setting the stage for an exciting adventure.

The magical bottle that entraps Swiper can only be opened through a dance competition at King Juan el Bobo's castle, where the prize is one big wish. However, the path to the castle is far from easy. Dora, Boots, and Swiper must navigate various challenges, including a pyramid and an ocean while dancing to victory.


The gameplay in Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue PC download is designed to be accessible and engaging for young players. Players control Dora and Boots as they quest to save Swiper. The game is a mix of platforming and rhythm-based dancing, which adds an interactive element that keeps children entertained while reinforcing the importance of teamwork and problem-solving.

As they journey through the pyramid, players encounter dancing animals like marching ants, wiggling spiders, and sneaky snakes. To progress, they must mimic the dance moves of these creatures. This aspect of the game promotes physical activity and helps children develop coordination and memory skills.

The ocean segment of the game introduces more challenges, including a humorous encounter with a friendly whale who swallows Swiper. Players must use clever thinking and teamwork to rescue him from the whale's belly by making it sneeze. These interactive elements encourage critical thinking and creativity in young players.

The game's final stage takes place in King Juan el Bobo's castle, where players must help Dora, Boots, and Swiper convince the castle's occupants, including the King's Mommy, to participate in a dance-off. The game culminates in a heartwarming conclusion where everyone joins in the dance, and Swiper is finally freed from the magical bottle.

Final Words

Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue is a delightful and educational PC game that captures the spirit of the beloved TV show. Its engaging gameplay, interactive dance elements, and emphasis on problem-solving make it an excellent choice for young players. The game provides entertainment and reinforces important values like friendship, teamwork, and creativity.

Released as an extension of the popular TV special, the game allows children to actively participate in Dora, Boots, and Swiper's adventures, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience.

So, if you're looking for a fun and educational game for your child, Dora the Explorer Dance to the Rescue free download for PC is a worthy choice to have them dancing to a magical adventure.

Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue

  • 2005-11-10
  • 492.2 MB
  • 1.0

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  • Platform:Windows