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Take charge as Tony, the cosmic custodian, sweeping through 50 levels of space crystal havoc. Confront different bricks, each with unique challenges, and harness game-altering extras. Ready to elevate your gaming experience to the cosmic frontier? Dive into the cosmic abyss now. The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Dionakra Game Overview

Dionakra, a dynamic PC game, unfolds as a refined clone of the classic Breakout, akin to the renowned Arkanoid. Players maneuver a pad at the base of the playfield, directing a bouncing ball toward an array of bricks crowning the top. These bricks, symbolic of space crystals, encapsulate the cosmic cleanup mission shouldered by Tony, the galactic custodian.

Navigating the Cosmic Challenge

Go on a cosmic journey as Tony, the cosmic custodian, tackles the celestial clutter represented by the space crystals. Dionakra free download introduces a dynamic gameplay mechanic, requiring players to skillfully direct the bouncing ball with a pad. The cosmic cleanup mission unfolds across 50 levels, each presenting a unique layout of space crystals, demanding strategic ball control and precise hits.

The cosmic odyssey begins with a simple premise - guiding a bouncing ball to obliterate space crystals. Tony, the cosmic custodian, stands at the helm of this celestial endeavor, armed with a pad that serves as the guiding force. The playfield, adorned with bricks resembling space crystals, becomes the canvas for this cosmic cleanup.

As players dive into the cosmic challenge, they discover a dynamic gameplay mechanic reminiscent of classic Breakout. The bouncing ball becomes the cosmic beacon, paving the way for celestial order. Precise pad control becomes imperative as each maneuver directs the ball toward its celestial targets.

The cosmic cleanup mission spans an impressive 50 levels, each presenting a unique arrangement of space crystals. Navigating through this cosmic labyrinth demands not just agility but strategic prowess. As Tony advances through the levels, the complexity of the celestial clutter intensifies, adding layers of challenge to the cosmic odyssey.

Diverse Bricks and Galactic Hazards

Players encounter an assortment of bricks within the cosmic landscape of Dionakra PC download, each contributing to the cosmic clutter. These bricks, distinct in appearance and behavior, offer varied scores and demand a specific number of hits for obliteration. The challenge intensifies as players navigate the diverse array, adding strategy to the cosmic cleanup mission.

The celestial canvas is adorned with diverse bricks, each representing a facet of the cosmic challenge. These bricks, akin to space crystals, vary in appearance and the challenges they pose. Some require a mere tap for cosmic dissolution, while others demand persistent hits to reveal their secrets.

As players progress through the cosmic odyssey, they encounter bricks with unique characteristics. Some bestow positive effects upon contact, enhancing the cosmic custodian's capabilities. Others, however, harbor negative consequences, posing challenges that demand swift adaptation. The interplay of these diverse bricks adds to the cosmic cleanup mission.

The cosmic hazards are not limited to the bricks alone. Interspersed within the celestial canvas are hazards that challenge Tony's cosmic custodianship. Navigating through these galactic dangers becomes a test of skill and adaptability. The cosmic custodian must navigate the bouncing ball with precision, ensuring it fulfills its mission while avoiding the pitfalls of the cosmic landscape.

Game-Altering Extras in the Cosmic Arsenal

As players progress through the cosmic odyssey, Dionakra free download for PC introduces many beneficial and detrimental extras to the gameplay dynamics. From altering the size of the pad and ball to introducing laser guns and explosive elements, these extras bring a dynamic twist to the cosmic cleanup mission. Strategic decisions become imperative as players harness these cosmic tools to navigate the challenges the space crystals pose.

The cosmic arsenal expands with myriad extras, each wielding the power to alter the cosmic custodian's fate. Some extras bestow advantages, enhancing the pad's size or transforming the ball into a potent force. Others, however, introduce challenges, such as speeding up the ball or adding explosive properties, requiring a recalibration of cosmic strategy.

The cosmic custodian must tread carefully, strategically incorporating these extras into the celestial strategy. A larger pad may offer enhanced control, but it also demands adaptability. An explosive ball may accelerate the cosmic cleanup but introduces an element of cosmic unpredictability. Navigating through this cosmic arsenal becomes a delicate dance, where every decision shapes the trajectory of the cosmic odyssey.

As players ascend through the levels, the cosmic arsenal continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Mastery of these game-altering extras becomes paramount as they become the cosmic custodian's tools for navigating the celestial expanse. Dionakra transforms the classic Breakout formula into a dynamic heavenly experience where every choice reverberates across the canvas.

Final Words

The interplay of diverse bricks, cosmic hazards, and game-altering extras creates a cosmic landscape of challenges and opportunities. As Tony, the cosmic custodian, players become the unsung heroes of the celestial cleanup, navigating through the cosmic abyss with skill and strategy.

The cosmic journey beckons, inviting players to engage in a celestial experience where every hit and maneuver shapes the cosmic destiny. Dionakra revitalizes the Breakout genre, infusing it with cosmic vibrancy and many cosmic challenges. 


  • 1997-12-31
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  • Genre:Action
  • Updated On:January 4, 2024
  • Developer:BWM Software
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