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Step into the past with Crayola Magic Wardrobe! Travel through time, dress up historically, and discover the secrets of influential women. Show your creativity and go on a unique adventure! The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Crayola Magic Wardrobe Game Overview

Crayola Magic Wardrobe, subtitled "Time Travel with Paper Dolls," is an educational PC game that combines elements of 'colorforms,' paper dolls, a paint program, and a historical reference manual. This engaging game was released to eager audiences, offering a journey through time and fashion. It transports users to twelve distinct historical periods, ranging from ancient Egypt in 1490 B.C. to the vibrant Hippie culture of California in 1967.

Players encounter paper doll figures in each historical era placed within authentic 'historical room' settings. The game's release marked a fascinating blend of entertainment and learning for young players.

Exploring the Magic Wardrobe

Authentic Dress-Up Experience

Players are transported to a specific historical time and place as they click on the magic wardrobe in Crayola Magic Wardrobe free download. Once there, they can explore the wardrobe drawers with a simple mouse click, revealing a treasure trove of authentic clothing from the chosen period.

These outfits can be adorned, colored, and printed, allowing players to personalize their paper dolls with historically accurate attire. This interactive dressing-up experience not only entertains but also provides valuable insights into past fashions.

Women in the News and Diary Sections

In addition to dressing up paper dolls, the game offers educational value through two key sections: Women in the News and the Diary. The Women in the News section provides a brief biography of influential women from the featured historical periods, such as Nefertiti and Joan Baez. This feature helps young players learn about the remarkable women who left their mark on history.

The Diary section is equally informative, offering fictional diary entries that glimpse young girls' daily lives from various periods. It encourages players to imagine themselves living in these historical contexts and even create diary entries. This unique approach to history enables children to connect with the past in a relatable and engaging way, making learning fun and accessible.

Write a Letter Section

Another interesting aspect of Crayola Magic Wardrobe PC download is the "Write a Letter" section. The game provides associated letterhead stationary that players can customize with text, colors, and borders.

Once customized, the letter can be printed and used for various purposes, fostering creativity and communication skills in young users. This feature encourages children to express themselves through writing while introducing them to historical styles of letter writing.

Kid Appeal

The game's primary audience is young girls who enjoy playing with dolls and paper dolls. Crayola Magic Wardrobe capitalizes on the timeless appeal of dressing up and playing with dolls but with a modern twist. Unlike traditional paper dolls, the virtual nature of this game eliminates concerns about torn tabs or misplaced accessories, offering a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Many parents have praised the game for its positive impact on their children's creativity and interests. One parent reviewer noted, "After playing with Magic Wardrobe, my daughters developed an interest in fashion design. They now spend hours designing and drawing their creations." This testimonial highlights the game's potential to spark creativity and inspire young minds.

Final Words

Crayola Magic Wardrobe is a good addition to the girls' software category with its time-traveling adventures, authentic dress-up opportunities, and insightful historical information. It provides a delightful alternative to traditional paper dolls and fosters creativity and curiosity in young players.

So, if you're looking for a game that combines fun and learning, Crayola Magic Wardrobe free download for PC is a worthwhile choice for your child's gaming collection. With its engaging features and educational value, it's a game that takes young adventurers on a journey through time, one stylish outfit at a time.

Crayola Magic Wardrobe

  • 1996-12-31
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