Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour

Experience the strategic battlefield in 'Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour.' Uncover hidden tactics and unleash your inner commander in this thrilling game. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Game Overview

Released as the expansion pack for the 2003 classic, Command & Conquer: Generals, Zero Hour hit the shelves in 2003 as a welcomed addition to the real-time strategy genre. This PC game brought fresh dynamics to an already beloved title, introducing new abilities, units, and a game mode known as Generals' Challenge. Building on the success of its predecessor, Zero Hour offered an enhanced gaming experience filled with changes, new features, and vital bug fixes.


Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour brought forth three new campaigns, each comprised of five challenging missions, one for each of the game's factions: the United States, the Global Liberation Army (GLA), and China.

Notably, these campaigns returned to the classic Command & Conquer tradition of using live-action videos for mission briefings, immersing players deeper into the game's narrative. The plotline of Zero Hour picked up from where the previous campaigns left off, ensuring continuity and intrigue.


United States

The US campaign in Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour free download begins with responding to a GLA toxin warhead fired at a US naval base in Northern Europe. This prompts a swift reaction as the US employs Chinese firepower to thwart the GLA's plans. The storyline progresses with a UN relief effort in Mogadishu hindered by GLA incursions, uncovering a secret lab, and culminating in a mission to prevent the launch of toxin-loaded missiles at US cities.


The GLA campaign opens with the pursuit of Dr. Thrax's second in command through a Middle Eastern city by American forces. The story unfolds with power struggles within the GLA, the acquisition of stealth technology, the destruction of the US fleet, and a daring assault on the US West Coast, forcing a withdrawal of American troops from Europe and solidifying GLA control.


Angered by the GLA's European conquests, the Chinese campaign responded with nuclear weapons. Surviving GLA forces attempt another incursion near Yencheng, prompting the Chinese to launch a counter-offensive in Germany. With international opinion at stake, the Chinese succeeded in liberating Europe, leading to a showdown with the GLA in Hamburg.

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Gameplay

Expanding on the three factions from the base game, Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour PC download introduced three playable generals for each faction, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, units, and modifications to the standard arsenal. This added depth and strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to choose their preferred general and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Generals' Challenge

In this mode, players assume the role of one of the nine generals, battling other generals in succession, culminating in a showdown with a formidable boss general who utilizes technology from all three factions. It's a mode between the campaign and skirmish, providing a challenging and engaging experience.

Online Play

For those seeking multiplayer action, Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour free download for PC allows custom games with up to eight players in a single online match. LAN games were also an option, accommodating various players based on the host's internet connection speed.

Final Words

Its introduction of generals added depth to the factions, making strategic choices more meaningful. Whether you were a fan of the United States, GLA, or China, Zero Hour offered a unique experience for each faction's campaign, ensuring hours of strategic fun.

With the Generals' Challenge mode and online play, the game extended its longevity, making it a staple for real-time strategy enthusiasts. 

Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour

  • 2003-09-23
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System Requirements

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