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Picture a brave cat pirate, Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, on a mission to discover the Amulet of Nine Lives. No complicated words here; it's a game where you move through levels, tackle puzzles, and face enemies. Will Captain Claw succeed in his quest? Let's dive into this adventure together. The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Claw Game Overview

Claw, developed by Monolith Productions, brings you the tale of Captain Nathaniel Joseph Claw, a fearless cat pirate going on a hunt for the Amulet of Nine Lives. Players in this classic 2D game go through levels, solve puzzles, and battle enemies. Captain Claw wields a sword, a pistol, dynamite, and the 'Magic Claw' to overcome challenges. 

Plot: The Quest for Immortality

The story begins with Captain Claw, imprisoned by the Cocker-Spaniards, after his ship is attacked and sunk. But, no worries; our feline hero discovers a note and a piece of a map, hinting at the Amulet of Nine Lives. Escaping the cell, Claw free download sets out to collect all nine gems of the amulet. The journey takes unexpected turns, from encounters with a gang of thieves to facing off against the magistrate, Wolvington.

Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Tiger Island

The excitement builds as Claw PC download confronts his arch-enemy, Captain Red Tail, and enters the pirate's cove, defeating pirates and uncovering secrets. The revelation of his crew's survival and possession of gems adds twists to the tale.

The journey through underwater caverns, battling merpeople and a giant frog-like creature, keeps the gameplay dynamic. His determination peaks as he faces off against Red Tail on Tiger Island, overcoming guards and traps.

Gameplay Dynamics: Swordplay and More

Captain Claw's gameplay is straightforward yet engaging. Claw takes on enemies with a sword and utilizes a pistol, dynamite, and "Magic Claw" for added flair. This PC game rewards exploration, offering hidden areas with loot and power-ups. Health items, treasures, and bonus lives add to the fun. With simple mechanics and two save points in each level, players can focus on the excitement of the adventure.

Final Words

As Claw free download for PC emerges victorious on his ship with the Amulet of Nine Lives, the narrative concludes with Princess Adora's appearance. Omar, once a foe, becomes Claw's bodyguard. Monolith Productions has crafted a classic 2D platformer that stands the test of time, offering players a straightforward yet engaging gaming experience.


  • 1997-09-08
  • 584 MB
  • 1.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 98Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Platform:Windows

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