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Meet Aku and Sila, the dynamic robot duo, as they embark on an extraordinary adventure in the captivating game, Biped. Discover the joy of cooperative gameplay and navigate through stunning landscapes together. Experience the magic of Biped today! The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Biped Overview

Biped is a cooperative physics-based puzzle game that revolves around controlling two adorable robots, Aku and Sila, on a mission to restore power to their planet. Players must navigate through various vibrant and challenging environments by controlling the robots' legs independently, coordinating their movements to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and interact with their surroundings. 

Gameplay Mechanics

Unique Control System

Biped stands out with its distinctive control system. Instead of controlling characters directly, players manipulate the legs of the adorable robot protagonists. This intuitive mechanic adds a layer of challenge and fun to the gameplay, as players must coordinate each leg separately to overcome obstacles and complete puzzles.

Cooperative Gameplay

One of the core aspects of Biped free download is its cooperative gameplay. The game encourages players to team up with a friend or family member to control the two robots, Aku and Sila, simultaneously. Communication and coordination are essential for success, as players must synchronize their movements to overcome obstacles and progress through the game.

Importance Of Teamwork

Biped emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Each player controls one robot, and their actions directly impact the success of the team. Working together to solve puzzles and navigate challenging environments creates a rewarding and engaging experience that strengthens the bond between players.

Physics-Based Puzzles And Challenges

Biped offers a wide range of physics-based puzzles and challenges. Players will encounter various obstacles and mechanisms that require clever thinking and precise control to overcome. From activating switches to operating machinery, the puzzles in Biped offer a satisfying blend of creativity and logical problem-solving.

Variety And Complexity Of Puzzles

The game boasts a diverse selection of puzzles, each with its unique mechanics and solutions. Some puzzles may require players to coordinate their movements precisely, while others demand careful timing and manipulation of the environment. The complexity of the puzzles gradually increases, ensuring a consistently engaging experience throughout the game.

Interactive Environments

Biped features interactive environments that play a crucial role in the gameplay. From lush forests to ancient ruins and futuristic cities, each level presents visually stunning surroundings filled with interactive elements. Players can interact with objects, platforms, and mechanisms in the environment, further enhancing the immersion and offering creative ways to overcome challenges.

Character Abilities

Two Playable Characters

In Biped PC download, players control two adorable robots, Aku and Sila. Each character possesses unique abilities and characteristics, making teamwork and cooperation essential.


Aku and Sila have distinct abilities that complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. Aku excels at jumping and can traverse larger gaps, while Sila has strong pushing power and can activate switches or move heavy objects.

Complementary Abilities

The characters' abilities are designed to encourage cooperation. Players must strategically utilize Aku and Sila's unique skills to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. By combining their strengths, players can overcome challenges more efficiently and progress through the game.

Ability Usage

Throughout the game, players will encounter various scenarios that require the effective use of Aku and Sila's abilities. For example, one level may require Aku to jump across platforms while Sila activates switches to create a path. These examples showcase the synergy between the characters and highlight the significance of cooperative gameplay in Biped.

Level Design in Biped 

Diverse And Visually Appealing Levels

Biped offers a visually stunning and diverse range of levels. Each level has its unique theme, presenting players with captivating environments to explore. From vibrant forests to intricate factories, the level design adds depth to the gameplay experience.

Impact Of Different Environments

Different environments in Biped present their own set of challenges and mechanics. For instance, a forest level may have dense foliage that obstructs movement, while an industrial level may feature complex machinery that players need to operate. The diverse environments keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, offering a variety of gameplay mechanics and obstacles to overcome.

Challenges Posed By Each Environment

Each environment in Biped free download for PC poses its own set of challenges. Players will need to adapt their strategies and utilize the characters' abilities effectively to progress. The level design encourages players to think creatively and find innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles presented by each environment.

Memorable Moments And Standout Levels

Biped is filled with memorable moments and standout levels that leave a lasting impression. From gravity-defying puzzles to thrilling platforming sequences, the game consistently surprises and delights players. These memorable moments contribute to the overall excitement and enjoyment of the game.

Final Words

Biped delivers an exceptional gaming experience with its unique gameplay mechanics, cooperative gameplay, diverse level design, and rewarding progression system. The game's physics-based puzzles, interactive environments, and character abilities offer an engaging and immersive adventure.

With its emphasis on teamwork and coordination, Biped provides an excellent opportunity for players to bond and share memorable moments. We encourage readers to try Biped for themselves and experience the joy of controlling these charming robots in a world filled with creativity and challenges.


  • 2020-07-12
  • 3.5 GB
  • 1.6



  • 2020-03-29
  • 2.2 GB
  • 1.1



  • 2020-03-26
  • 3.6 GB
  • 1.0


System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:i3 Sandy Bridge Dual Core
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:4 GB