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Step into the shoes of Banishers Red and Antea, experienced spirit hunters battling an evil curse in 1695 New Eden. Your choices, from blaming the living to banishing the departed or ascending souls, will shape the destiny of the living and the dead.

Unleash the potent synergy of Red's physical prowess and Antea's supernatural abilities, unlock new gear, and explore a mystical North American settlement rife with dark secrets. The game is available for free download and can be installed on the supported hardware and Windows versions mentioned below.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Game Overview

Banishers Ghosts of New Eden, an action-RPG story, unfolds in the ominous year of 1695 in the mysterious settlement of New Eden. Developed by the renowned studio DON'T NOD, recognized for their acclaimed titles such as Life is Strange and Vampyr, this latest creation engages players in an intimate and haunting journey between life, death, love, and sacrifices.

The Cursed Realm

In the haunting landscapes of New Eden, communities of settlers find themselves trapped in a dreadful curse. As Banishers, players step into the shoes of Red and Antea, experienced spirit hunters entrusted with the daunting task of dispelling this malevolent curse through powerful rituals. 

The year 1695 sets the stage for a narrative transcending the boundaries of the living and the dead. The ominous atmosphere of New Eden becomes a character in itself, shaping players' choices as they navigate through this tormented settlement.

A Love Story Amidst the Shadows

At the core of Banishers Ghosts of New Eden free download is a heart-wrenching love story between Antea Duarte and Red mac Raith. Antea, tragically killed and transformed into a spirit, becomes the focal point of the players' choices. A pivotal decision looms - uphold the oath and ascend her soul or sacrifice the living in the desperate hope of bringing her back.

This choice echoed throughout this PC game, shapes the destiny of New Eden's inhabitants, be they living or dead, and charts the course of the players' journey.

Its strength lies in its complexity and ability to draw players into the emotional depth of the characters. The choices aren't only branches of a story; they are the roots that anchor players in the moral complexities of Banishers' world. BLAME the living and sacrifice their lives, BANISH souls to eternal suffering, or ASCEND souls, granting them serenity - each choice is a step further into the shadows or towards the light.

Mastering the Art of Banishment

Banishers are specialized in combat against undead creatures, ranging from specters to ghosts. The dynamic combat system allows players to combine Red's physical arsenal with Antea's supernatural powers.

The synergy of these abilities becomes the mainstay in defeating New Eden's most dangerous enemies and bosses in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden PC download. It's about finding your style and combining weapon attacks with spiritual abilities to create powerful synergies.

The combat mechanics evolve as players progress, and Banishers become more adept in their mission. Unlocking new gear and supernatural abilities becomes imperative to face the escalating threats. Exploring the eerie landscapes of New Eden reveals ancient artifacts, trinkets, and valuable resources, enhancing equipment in preparation for the challenges that lie ahead.

Progressing through Antea's skill trees allows players to upgrade her devastating spectral powers, unsealing new combos that turn the tide in their favor.

Entering the Mystical Investigations

Beyond the combat capabilities, Banishers Ghosts of New Eden invites players to embark on haunting cases in a mystical world steeped in dark secrets. The settlement of New Eden becomes a tapestry of chilling stories and tormented inhabitants, each with motivations that are pivotal to guiding players' decisions throughout this RPG game.

Understanding the complexities of each resident's tale becomes essential as players uncover the mysteries shrouding this North American settlement.

The exploration aspect is a journey into the unknown, discovering the history and stories that haunt New Eden. The vibrant and detailed world, crafted by DON'T NOD, offers different experiences.

From the eerie atmospheres of abandoned buildings to the vibrant yet troubled lives of the settlers, every detail plays a crucial role in immersing players in the unfolding story.

Final Words

The heart-wrenching choices, the synergy in combat, and the exploration of a mystical world combine to form a varied experience. Whether you blame the living, banish the departed, or ascend souls, the consequences are not just in the game but echo within the players.

Go on this gripping journey, where every decision shapes the fate of New Eden. Unleash the full power of the Banishers, unlock their potential, and delve into the mysteries that await in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden free download for PC. 

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

  • 2024-02-12
  • 37.7 GB

Wanderer Set DLC, MULTi10

System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:Intel Core i3-8300AMD Ryzen 3 2200g
  • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:8 GB

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