Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel: Where Pinball Meets Duke Nukem! Join the pinball action that's etched in gaming history. From defending space stations to battling dragons, this classic game has it all. Free download available for Windows users!

Balls of Steel Game Overview

Balls of Steel is a PC gaming gem that emerged from the creative minds at Wildfire Studios, making its debut on December 12, 1997. This pinball masterpiece, a creation under the Pinball Wizards label, a subdivision of Apogee Software (now recognized as 3D Realms), boasts an intriguing journey through a virtual pinball universe.

The Pinball Odyssey

Balls of Steel free download is a revered relic among gaming fans for several reasons. Chief among them is its delightful selection of pinball tables, each boasting a unique theme and gameplay experience.

Darkside: A Space Odyssey

Darkside propels players into the depths of outer space, where they find themselves defending a remote space station against a relentless alien onslaught. This table's setting and design create an otherworldly pinball experience that is both challenging and visually immersive.

Barbarian: A Fantasy Epic

In Barbarian, players are whisked away to a medieval realm where mythical quests and fire-breathing dragons rule the day. The intricate design and epic scenery on this table make it a standout choice for those with a penchant for fantasy.

Firestorm: Crime Unleashed

Firestorm shifts gears dramatically, transporting players to a crime-infested American city plagued by a mad bomber. The fast-paced, explosive gameplay on this table keeps players on their toes as they try to thwart criminal mayhem.

Mutation: The Lab of Horrors

Prepare to venture into the bowels of an underground science lab gone awry in Mutation. A bio-hazardous accident has given rise to a colossal, slimy monstrosity that dominates the laboratory. This table offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience as you try to contain the menace.

Duke Nukem: The Iconic Table

For fans of the iconic Duke Nukem franchise, Balls of Steel PC download has a special treat in store. The game features a table dedicated to the legendary Duke Nukem, complete with graphics and voice-overs from the game's protagonist, voiced by the inimitable Jon St. John.

Pinball missions on this table let you battle Duke Nukem's infamous enemies, including octabrains and pig-cops, and utilize game-changing power-ups, such as jetpacks and the Holoduke.

Notably, Balls of Steel also had another table named Devil's Island, which was later excluded when Wildfire Studios was granted the opportunity to incorporate the Duke Nukem table. However, fans need not fret, as Devil's Island was eventually released as a standalone pinball game.

Duke Nukem Tie-In

Including the Duke Nukem table within Balls of Steel adds depth and excitement to the game. With visuals and voice-overs plucked straight from the Duke Nukem 3D video game, players get a taste of the iconic Duke's action-packed world. Pinball missions in this table mirror Duke Nukem's adventures, with players confronting monstrous adversaries like octabrains and pig-cops while wielding game-changing power-ups like jetpacks and the Holoduke.

A fascinating twist to this pinball tale is the appearance of Balls of Steel free download for PC within Duke Nukem 3D itself. In the game's first level, "Hollywood Holocaust," Duke crosses paths with the pinball table, cementing its legendary status in the Duke Nukem universe.

The game's connection to Duke Nukem doesn't stop there; Balls of Steel even makes a return appearance in Duke Nukem Forever, further underscoring its iconic status within the Duke Nukem franchise.

Final Words

Its diverse selection of tables, each with its distinct theme and gameplay style, offers players a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Whether you're fending off alien invaders on Darkside, embarking on epic quests in Barbarian, or navigating the dangerous streets of Firestorm, there's no shortage of pinball excitement.

Balls of Steel remains a cherished relic in retro PC gaming, offering timeless enjoyment and a touch of nostalgia for those who appreciate the simple yet thrilling joy of pinball. 

Balls of Steel

  • 2005-08-18
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