Zombie Combat Simulator 1.5.4


Free Download Zombie Combat Simulator MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It brings fierce battles with powerful zombies constantly attacking players. They will join other players, use weapons, and complete the goal of each level.

Zombie Combat Simulator Game Overview

Step into the apocalyptic world where zombies roam, and your survival depends on your strategic decisions. Here's a comprehensive overview of the key features that make Zombie Combat Simulator a must-play for mobile gamers.

Sandbox Mode: Unleash Your Creativity

In Zombie Combat Simulator, creativity knows no bounds. The sandbox mode allows players to create units anywhere on the battlefield, providing the freedom to choose their weapons, resistance to damage, and health points. This mode goes beyond conventional gameplay, allowing customization of game rules. From determining how units spawn to setting time limits and conditions for victory or defeat, players can shape the gaming experience according to their preferences.

Third-Person Shooter Action: Be in Control

Zombie Combat Simulator takes immersion to the next level with its third-person shooter option. Instead of merely strategizing from above, players can take control of a soldier on the battlefield. Feel the intensity of combat as you navigate through the chaos, making split-second decisions that could mean the difference between survival and becoming one of the undead.

Multiplayer Madness: Connect and Conquer

The thrill of combat is best experienced with friends, and the Zombie Combat Simulator understands the importance of multiplayer dynamics. The game supports various modes, including online, LAN, and offline, allowing players to connect with others for cooperative or competitive gameplay. Team up to face hordes of zombies together or engage in tactical battles against each other – the choice is yours.

Varied Weapons and Tactics: Survive in Style

Zombie Combat Simulator offers a diverse arsenal of weapons and tactics, ensuring that players can approach each encounter uniquely. The game provides ample creative and strategic gameplay options, from firearms to melee weapons, explosives, and defensive tools. Experiment with combinations to find the most effective ways to fend off the zombie onslaught.

Realistic Simulation: Dive into the Apocalypse

The game's realistic simulation adds depth to the zombie apocalypse experience. From the movements of the undead to the impact of different weapons, the Zombie Combat Simulator aims to create an authentic and immersive environment. The attention to detail enhances the overall gaming experience, making each encounter feel like an actual battle for survival.


Zombie Combat Simulator delivers a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience for Android users. With its innovative sandbox mode, intense third-person shooter action, and versatile multiplayer options, the game caters to a broad audience. Whether you're a strategy enthusiast, a fan of immersive combat, or someone who enjoys multiplayer mayhem, Zombie Combat Simulator has something to offer.


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: It supports offline mode, allowing you to enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Q: How many players can participate in the multiplayer mode?
A: It supports various multiplayer modes, including online, LAN, and offline. The number of players may vary depending on the chosen mode.

Q: Is the game suitable for players of all ages?
A: While designed for a broad audience, it may contain violence and horror elements. Parental discretion is advised.

Q: Can I customize my character's appearance in the third-person shooter mode?
A: The game primarily focuses on tactical gameplay, and extensive character customization options may not be available.

Q: How often does the game receive updates with new content?
A: The frequency of updates can vary, but developers often release new content, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4

  • 2024-02-05
  • 320 MB
  • 1.5.4

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Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.3

  • 2023-11-30
  • 316 MB
  • 1.5.3

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android


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