Tiger Simulator 3D 1.055Free Download


Free Download Tiger Simulator 3D MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It provides an immersive experience, letting players roam diverse landscapes, hunt prey, and engage in epic battles as a majestic tiger.

Tiger Simulator 3D Game Overview

It transports players into the wild, allowing them to embody the majestic and powerful creature that is the tiger. Developed for Android phones and tablets, this game provides a virtual world where players can roam freely, encountering challenges and engaging in exciting activities.

Roam the Open World

The game offers an expansive open-world environment, beautifully designed to mimic the tiger's natural habitat. From lush forests to arid plains, players can explore diverse landscapes, each filled with its own set of challenges and opportunities. The attention to detail in the game's graphics enhances the immersive experience, making every corner of the virtual world a sight to behold.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

One of the key highlights of it is its intuitive and engaging gameplay mechanics. Players can navigate their tigers through various terrains, hunt for prey, and even battle with other wildlife. The user-friendly controls allow players to fully immerse themselves in the role of a tiger with ease.

Customization and Upgrades

To add a layer of personalization, the game features customization options for your tiger character. Players can tailor their tigers to reflect their preferences, from changing fur patterns to selecting unique traits. Additionally, the game includes an upgrade system, allowing players to enhance their tiger's abilities and skills as they progress through the game.

Missions and Challenges

It keeps players on their toes with various missions and challenges. Whether hunting specific prey, navigating through tricky terrain, or surviving encounters with other predators, the game ensures constant excitement and achievement. The dynamic nature of the challenges prevents the gameplay from becoming monotonous, providing a fresh experience with each session.

Realistic Soundscapes and Visuals

Immersive gameplay is complemented by realistic soundscapes that capture the essence of the wild. From the rustling of leaves to the distant calls of other animals, every auditory detail adds to the authenticity of the gaming experience. With stunning visuals, It creates a sensory-rich environment that draws players into its virtual world.


Tiger Simulator 3D emerges as a standout choice in mobile gaming, offering players a unique and captivating experience. Combining an expansive open world, engaging gameplay mechanics, customization options, and realistic audio-visual elements sets this game apart. For those seeking an adventure that goes beyond the conventional, this simulator provides an opportunity to step into the paws of a mighty tiger and navigate the challenges of the wild.


Q: Can I play the game offline?
A: It supports offline play. Players can enjoy the game without requiring a constant internet connection.

Q: Are there different tiger species to choose from in the game?
A: The game currently features a variety of tiger species, each with unique characteristics. Players can choose the one that resonates with them the most.

Q: Is it suitable for all ages?
A: It is suitable for all ages; even kids above 12 can play it.

Tiger Simulator 3D v1.055

  • 2024-01-14
  • 76.1 MB
  • 1.055

MOD APK (Unlimited Food, Coins)

Tiger Simulator 3D v1.054

  • 2023-10-27
  • 73.9 MB
  • 1.054

MOD APK (Unlimited Food, Coins)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android