Star Wars: KOTOR 1.0.8

Free Download Star Wars: KOTOR MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with it on Android. This epic role-playing game lets you choose your path as a Jedi or Sith, shape the galaxy's destiny, and wield the Force.

Star Wars: KOTOR Game Overview

The game is a masterpiece that transports you to four thousand years before the Galactic Empire's rise when Jedi Knights were numerous and the Sith were a powerful menace. In this era of conflict and chaos, you are the last hope of the Jedi Order. Your journey will take you through a galaxy teeming with danger and intrigue, where your choices will determine the fate of the Republic.

Epic Star Wars Role-Playing Experience

Immerse yourself in the rich and expansive universe, complete with unique characters, creatures, vehicles, and planets. The game faithfully recreates the captivating world of Wars, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

Mastery of the Force

With over 40 different Force powers, you can customize your character's abilities to suit your playstyle. Craft your Lightsaber and decide whether you'll be a Jedi or a Sith.

Iconic Star Wars Locations

Explore legendary Wars locations, including the desert planet of Tatooine and the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. These locales will be familiar to any Wars fan, and they are faithfully recreated in the game.

Customizable Party

Assemble your team of adventurers from a diverse cast of Wars characters. Choose from Twi'leks, Droids, Wookiees, and more, each with unique skills and personalities.

Interstellar Travel

Embark on your adventure in your starship, the Ebon Hawk, as you journey through eight vast and distinct worlds. The galaxy is yours to explore, and your choices will have a lasting impact.

Intuitive Touch Controls

The game is optimized for touchscreen devices, offering a seamless and immersive experience. The user interface is designed to make your interaction with the game effortless.

HID Controller Support

For those who prefer the original control scheme, It provides full HID controller support. You can choose the control method that suits you best.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic brings the full KOTOR experience to your device with excellent graphics. It is a masterfully crafted game that allows you to live out your Wars fantasies, shaping the galaxy's fate through your choices. With its rich storytelling, memorable characters, and the ability to wield the Force, this game is a must-have for any Wars fan or RPG enthusiast. Download it now, and may the Force be with you.


Q: Can I customize my character in it?
A: The game offers extensive character customization, allowing you to choose your character's appearance, abilities, and alignment with the Force.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play it? 
A: You don't need a constant internet connection to play the game. However, you'll need an internet connection to download and install it.

Q: Can I play it on a tablet, or is it optimized for phones only? 
A: It is optimized for both phones and tablets. The game is designed to work well on various devices, providing an excellent experience regardless of your choice of device.

Star Wars - KOTOR v1.0.8

  • 2023-10-22
  • 1.91 GB
  • 1.0.8

APK + OBB (MOD, Unlimited Money)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 4.1+
  • Platform:Android