Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game 1.20.14Free Download

Free Download Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. In this simulation game, you'll blend the thrill of sports management with the art of money investment to amass wealth and become an actual sporting capitalist. Prepare to ascend the ranks from a mere millionaire to a billionaire or even a trillionaire – the ultimate sports entrepreneur!

Sports City Tycoon: Idle Free Download Overview

Welcome to a game where you aim to construct an entire sports city. Your playground is the sports arena, and your task is to manage stadiums that attract fans for the most epic matches. The challenge is fundamental as you rise to the occasion and build a prosperous business empire. Begin by erecting a small stadium, luring visitors to your town, and selling tickets to generate income for expanding your sporting empire.

Build, Invest, and Prosper

Managing your sports town is like optimizing resources in a sports management simulator. Your expertise is tested as you enhance the gaming experience, attracting more players to the field. Your town will feature an array of sports, from tennis courts and swimming pools to car racing tracks and soccer fields. You'll build stadiums for every popular national sport from around the world.

Diverse Strategies for Thriving Cities

Each city you build demands a unique strategy. Craft a beach sports city where surfing, sailing, and beach volleyball reign supreme. Alternatively, create a winter sports haven where hockey and bobsledding take center stage. Thrill-seekers will flock to your radical sports city, where skateboarding, mountain climbing, and skydiving push the boundaries. For those drawn to combat sports, a fighting city awaits, with boxing, fencing, wrestling, and kung fu as the main attractions.


Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game is an opportunity to transform yourself into a tycoon in the sporting world. Create, manage, and flourish as you build a city that celebrates the spirit of competition and athletic prowess.


Q: Can I play offline?
A: The game allows you to continue earning cash even offline.

Q: Can I host different types of sports in my city?
A: You can host various sports, including tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, car racing, and more.

Q: Can I attract famous athletes to my city?
A: You can bring renowned athletes to your city, adding to its allure.

Q: Is the gameplay easy to understand?
A: The game is designed for easy playability but offers challenging strategic elements.

Q: How do I increase my stadiums' seating capacity?
A: Up your stadiums to accommodate more spectators, increasing your income.

Q: Can I create unique cities with different sports themes?
A: Each city you build can have its own distinct sports focus, from beach sports to combat sports.

Sports City Tycoon - Idle Game v1.20.14

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android