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Free Download Shootero: Galaxy Space Shooter MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Get ready for the ultimate combination of rogue-lite and shoot them up the gameplay.

Shootero: Galaxy Space Shooter Game Overview

This section provides a comprehensive game overview, highlighting its unique features and gameplay mechanics. Discuss its resemblance to classic arcade shooters like Galaga, emphasizing the thrill of space battles and the challenge of facing varied enemies and traps.

Building Your Strategy

Discuss the customization options available, such as choosing bullet patterns and utilizing over 50 skills for spacecraft and drone aircraft. Highlight the importance of strategizing for successful galaxy battles and overcoming challenges.

Infinite Repeatability

Explain how the game ensures each run is unique, with various factors impacting galaxy battles. Emphasize the game's replayability, allowing players to challenge levels repeatedly.


Detail the customization options available, such as selecting from many bullet patterns and utilizing an extensive array of more than 50 skills for spacecraft and drone aircraft. Explain how these choices impact gameplay and offer strategic depth, allowing players to tailor their approach.
Emphasize the significance of adapting strategies to different scenarios, encouraging players to experiment and discover effective combinations for conquering galaxy battles.

Addictive Nature of Shootero

Highlight the addictive nature of it by encouraging rapid challenges and repeated attempts to conquer levels, adding to the game's longevity and entertainment value.


Summarize the key points discussed in the article, highlighting its excitement, strategy, and uniqueness. Encourage readers to embark on their journey to conquer the galaxy through this engaging game.


Q: How many skills are available for spacecraft and drone aircraft?
A: It offers over 50 skills that players can utilize for their spacecraft and drone aircraft, allowing for diverse strategic setups.

Q: Is it similar to classic arcade shooters like Galaga?
A: It draws inspiration from classic arcade shooters like Galaga, providing an exhilarating space battle experience with unique twists.

Q: Can players customize bullet patterns in it?
A: Players can choose their favorite bullet patterns, allowing personalized strategies in each galaxy battle.

Q: What makes it stand out from other space shooter games?
A: Shootero stands out due to its blend of classic gameplay elements with rogue-lite features, offering a thrilling and unique gaming experience.

Q: Does it offer a high level of replayability?
A: It ensures infinite repeatability by introducing factors impacting each galaxy battle, making every run distinct.

Shootero - Galaxy Space Shooter v1.4.17

  • 2024-01-11
  • 70.6 MB
  • 1.4.17

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  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android

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