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Free Download Scythe: Digital Edition MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It takes players to an alternate 1920s Europa, where Mechs and factions vie for dominance. This official adaptation of the award-winning board game offers asymmetrical gameplay, deep strategy, and beautiful retro-futuristic artwork by Jakub Rozalski.

Scythe: Digital Edition Game Overview

In the intriguing world of this game, players are transported to an alternate history in the 1920s, where the Great War left behind a landscape scarred by conflict and the rise of colossal war machines called Mechs. These machines, crafted by the enigmatic The Factory, have become the center of attention, coveted by all. As a player, you get to lead one of the five distinct factions, each with unique strengths and abilities. The factions at your disposal are the Saxony Empire, the Crimean Khanate, the Rusviet Union, the Polania Republic, and the Nordic Kingdom.

The objective is clear.

You must navigate this war-torn world and lead your chosen faction to prosperity and power. To secure the future of your people, you'll need to employ a combination of strategic skills, territorial expansion, recruitment of new forces, and the deployment of fearsome combat Mechs. Your choices throughout the game will significantly impact your path to victory.


It lies in its asymmetrical gameplay. At the start of the game, each player is endowed with different resources, a unique starting location, and a secret objective. These distinct elements contribute to each faction's individuality and the game's asymmetric nature.


The game empowers players with near-complete control over their destinies. Apart from each player's secret objective card, the only elements of chance are the Encounter cards, which players draw to interact with the citizens of newly explored lands. Combat in Scythe is a matter of choice rather than luck or chance, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Engine Building

Players can enhance their construction capabilities, improve their position on the map by constructing structures, recruit new members into their faction, activate Mechs to deter opponents, and expand their borders to collect various resources. This element introduces a sense of energy and progression throughout the game. The order in which players develop their economy and technologies adds to the uniqueness of each playthrough.

Official Adaptation

It's the official adaptation of the award-winning board game, ensuring the digital experience remains original.

4X Strategy

This game follows the principles of the 4X strategy (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). You can customize the game mat to fine-tune your strategy.

Specialty Choices

Choose a specialty that aligns with your preferred playstyle: Agriculturalist, Industrialist, Engineer, Patriot, or Mechanic.

Versatile Gameplay

Challenge yourself against a formidable AI, engage in a friendly match with friends using the Pass and Play mode, or face off against opponents from all corners of the globe in Online Mode.


Extend your gaming experience with the Invaders from Afar expansion, introducing new challenges and gameplay dynamics. While empires rise and fall in Eastern Europe, the rest of the world takes notice, coveting the secrets of the Factory. Two distant factions, Albion and Togawa, send out their emissaries to scout the land and plan their best strategy for conquest. 

New Factions

Play as one of the two new formidable factions, Clan Albion and The Togawa Shogunate, each with unique abilities and Mechs.

Player Mats

The expansion includes two new player mats, Militant and Innovative, adding new dimensions to gameplay.

Expanded Player Count

With this expansion, it now accommodates up to 7 players, making it an ideal choice for larger gaming groups.


Scythe: Digital Edition is a captivating and strategic board game seamlessly transitioning to the digital realm. Its unique blend of asymmetrical gameplay, deep strategy, and stunning artwork offers an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players of all levels. Whether you enjoy challenging AI opponents or competing with friends and players worldwide, It offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: You can play it offline in the Pass and Play mode, where you can enjoy the game with friends without an internet connection.

Q: Are there expansions available for it?
A: It has expansions, introducing new factions, player mats, and gameplay options to enhance your gaming experience.

Q: Is there a tutorial to help new players learn how to play it?
A: The game provides a tutorial that guides new players through the rules and mechanics, making it easy to start.

Scythe - Digital Edition v2.1.1

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