PUBG MOBILE 3.0.0Free Download

Free Download PUBG MOBILE MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This game provides an engaging battle royale adventure that can be played on a mobile device.

PUBG MOBILE Game Overview

It is a thrilling battle royale game that pits you against numerous players for survival on a remote island. Armed with only your wits and the items you scavenge, you must outlast your opponents to emerge as the last person standing. The game boasts impressive graphics, realistic gameplay, and a wide array of weapons and vehicles to keep the action fast-paced and dynamic.

Explore Diverse Maps

One of the game's standout features is its diverse range of maps, each offering unique challenges and strategies. Whether you prefer the urban warfare of Erangel, the intense close-quarters combat of Sanhok, or the open landscapes of Miramar, there's a map to suit every playstyle. The variety keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Team Up or Go Solo

The game allows you to collaborate with friends and create your squad, enhancing the cooperative experience. Alternatively, you can brave the battlefield alone, testing your survival skills against a lobby of solo players. The choice is yours, and both options offer their own set of thrills and tactical opportunities.

Customize Your Loadout

The game offers an extensive range of weapons, attachments, and equipment to customize your loadout. Experimenting with different combinations and finding your preferred setup adds a layer of strategy to the game. Whether you're a fan of sniping from a distance, engaging in close-quarters combat, or providing support for your team, there's a playstyle for everyone.

Constant Updates and Events

It keeps the excitement alive with regular updates and events, introducing new content, game modes, and limited-time challenges. This ensures that the game stays engaging and offers a reason for players to return for more.


PUBG MOBILE stands out in mobile gaming as a definitive battle royale experience. Its captivating gameplay, various maps, and customization options make it a must-play for anyone seeking action-packed entertainment on their Android device.


Q: Can I play offline?
A: The game requires an internet connection to participate in multiplayer battles.

Q: How can I communicate with my squadmates?
A: It offers voice chat functionality, allowing you to communicate with teammates during matches.

Q: Are there different game modes besides battle royale?
A: The game offers various modes, including Team Deathmatch, Payload, and Arcade modes, each with its unique gameplay style.


  • 2024-02-25
  • 840 MB
  • 3.0.0

MOD APK (ESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Mega Menu)


  • 2023-09-11
  • 105 MB
  • 2.8.0

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android