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Free Download Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. The gameplay revolves around creating fashionable outfits, exploring different fashion capitals, completing fashion challenges, and interacting with in-game characters. 

Overview of Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars

Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars is a captivating Android game that allows players to unleash their creativity and fashion sense. Developed by Nordcurrent, a renowned game developer in the mobile gaming industry, Pocket Styler offers a unique experience for fashion enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you're a budding stylist or a seasoned fashionista, this game provides endless opportunities to showcase your talent and create stunning looks.

Gameplay Overview

In Pocket Styler, players assume the role of a fashion stylist who embarks on an exciting journey to become the ultimate style icon. The gameplay revolves around creating fashionable outfits, exploring different fashion capitals, completing fashion challenges, and interacting with in-game characters. The intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make immersing yourself in the fashion world easy.

Creating Stylish Outfits

One of the critical aspects of Pocket Styler is the ability to create stylish outfits using a wide range of clothing items and accessories. The game offers an extensive wardrobe, from elegant dresses to trendy tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Mix and match various clothing pieces, experiment with styles, and let your imagination run wild to create unique and eye-catching outfits.

Exploring Fashion Capitals

Pocket Styler takes you on a virtual tour of the world's most glamorous fashion capitals. From bustling streets in New York to chic boutiques in Paris, you'll have the opportunity to explore and discover new fashion trends and inspirations. Each fashion capital offers a distinct ambiance and style, providing a diverse and exciting gameplay experience.

Unlocking Fashion Challenges

To test your styling skills, Pocket Styler presents various fashion challenges. These challenges range from creating red carpet-looks to styling outfits for specific occasions or themes. As you progress in the game, you'll unlock more challenging and rewarding fashion tasks, allowing you to enhance your styling abilities further and gain recognition as a top stylist.

Interacting with In-Game Characters

Throughout your fashion journey in Pocket Styler, you'll encounter various in-game characters who will provide guidance, feedback, and even fashion tips. Interact with designers, models, and fashion influencers and learn from their expertise. Engaging with these characters adds a social and immersive element to the game, making it feel like you're part of the fashion industry.

Customizing Your Avatar

Pocket Styler enables you to customize your avatar to reflect your unique style and personality. From selecting hairstyles, facial features, and makeup to choosing from a vast collection of clothing items, you can design an avatar representing your fashion taste. The ability to personalize your character enhances the game's immersion and allows you to create a virtual representation of yourself.

Competing with Friends

Pocket Styler also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends or other players worldwide. Showcase your styling skills and participate in fashion competitions to see who can create the most beautiful outfits. Collaborate with friends or challenge them head-to-head to determine the ultimate fashionista among your peers.

Graphics and User Interface

Pocket Styler features stunning graphics and a user-friendly interface. The game's vibrant, detailed, and aesthetically pleasing visuals bring the whole fashion world to life. The intuitive controls and well-designed user interface make navigating the game seamless and enjoyable, ensuring a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Compatibility and Availability

Pocket Styler is available exclusively for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets, ensuring accessibility for a vast user base. The game is regularly updated to introduce new features, optimize performance, and prenhanceaming experience.

Updates and Future Developments

Nordcurrent is committed to delivering a top-notch gaming experience to Pocket Styler players. The development team frequently releases updates to add new clothing items, fashion challenges, and exciting features. They actively listen to player feedback and strive to incorporate innovative ideas into future updates, ensuring the game remains fresh and engaging.


Q: Can I play Pocket Styler on iOS devices?
A: No, Pocket Styler is currently available only for Android devices.

Q: Can I compete with my friends in Pocket Styler?
A: Yes, the game offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete with friends and other players worldwide.

Q: Is  Pocket Styler suitable for children?
A: Pocket Styler is suitable for players of all ages, including children. However, parental guidance is recommended for younger players.


Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars from Nordcurrent offers Android users an immersive and thrilling fashion experience. With its extensive wardrobe, fashion challenges, interactive gameplay, and social elements, the game appeals to enthusiasts of all ages. Express your creativity, discover new trends, and become a style icon in the virtual world of Pocket Styler.

Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars v7.0.2

  • 2023-12-03
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Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars v7.0.1

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Pocket Styler - Fashion Stars v7.0.0

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 7.0+
  • Platform:Android