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Free Download Pocket League Story 2 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Jersey up and take to the field in this new sequel to hit soccer sim Pocket League Story.

Pocket League Story 2 Free Download Overview

This thrilling soccer management game lets you take control of your soccer team. From scouting players and coaches to deciding on tactics and formations, you can shape your team's destiny. Your goal is to guide your team from the local league to the pinnacle of international soccer success. The game offers a more realistic and immersive soccer experience with many new features.

Dynamic Weather Conditions

Get ready to play in various weather conditions, including rain and snow. These dynamic weather changes add a new layer of challenge to the game, keeping you engaged and your palms sweaty.

Penalty Shootouts

Experience the intense thrill of penalty shootouts as you go head-to-head against opposing teams. Your nerves will be tested as you aim for victory.

Multiplayer Mode

The game now features a multiplayer mode (currently in beta testing) that allows you to challenge players worldwide. Compete with your friends online and unlock special bonuses as you prove your soccer prowess.

Build Your Dream Team

In it, you'll have the opportunity to build a skilled team and a passionate fan base. Secure corporate sponsors, develop winning strategies, and take on the best teams globally, including those your friends manage. Whether you're a newcomer to soccer or a seasoned sports enthusiast, this game caters to all interest levels.

Soccer Team Management

It allows you to take on the role of a soccer team manager. You'll be able to build and customize your dream soccer team, making decisions about players, coaches, tactics, and formations.

Realistic Stadium Experience

The game offers a highly immersive stadium experience with dynamic weather conditions. You'll encounter rain, snow, and more, adding a realistic touch to the matches and making gameplay more challenging and exciting.

Penalty Shootouts

Experience the adrenaline rush of penalty shootouts as you compete against opposing teams. These high-stakes moments add a new level of excitement to the game.

Team Building and Fan Base Development

In addition to managing your team on the field, you'll also work on building a dedicated fan base. Secure corporate sponsors and develop winning strategies to elevate your team's status.

Diverse Career Paths

The game offers a variety of career paths for your players, including roles as doctors, police officers, scientists, presidents, mafiosos, cooks, superheroes, and even monarchs. You can choose the career that suits your players' abilities and interests.

Dilemma System

Throughout the game, your characters will face tough decisions with serious consequences. Your choices will impact the storyline and the future of your team.


Pocket League Story 2 mod apk offers soccer fans an exciting and immersive management experience. With realistic gameplay, dynamic weather conditions, penalty shootouts, and multiplayer mode, it's a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Whether you're strategizing to lead your team to victory or competing with players worldwide, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. So, put on your jersey and step onto the field—it's time to lead your dream soccer team to international stardom.


Q: Can I play it with my friends?
A: The game features a multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge players worldwide, including your friends. This feature is currently in beta testing.

Q: How does the weather affect this gameplay?
A: It introduces dynamic weather conditions, including rain and snow, which can impact gameplay by adding new challenges and excitement.

Q: What happens if I delete or reinstall the app?
A: Game data is stored on your device, and saved data cannot be transferred between devices. If you delete or reinstall the app, you may lose your progress.

Pocket League Story 2 v2.2.3

  • 2024-06-11
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  • 2.2.3

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Pocket League Story 2 v2.2.2

  • 2023-10-10
  • 37.2 MB
  • 2.2.2

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android