Pixel Blade R : Idle Rpg 2.3.4Free Download


Free Download Pixel Blade R: Idle Rpg MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a fantastic roleplaying game with action and offline idle RPG elements.

Pixel Blade R: Idle RPG Game Overview

Step into the shoes of a fearless adventurer in Pixel Blade R - Idle RPG. This game offers a unique blend of action and offline idle RPG elements, ensuring you're engaged whether you're actively playing or letting the game run in the background. Prepare to be enthralled by the never-ending action RPG that promises an exhilarating journey through dungeons, battles, and legendary weapon collections.

Conquer the Dungeon and Collect Legendary Weapons

Embark on a quest to conquer dungeons and amass an impressive collection of legendary weapons. Become the ultimate blazer as you wield powerful arms ranging from Normal and Magic to Rare, Epic, and even Legend categories. But that's not all! Pixel Blade R - Idle RPG adds a twist with its class change feature based on the weapon you install. Choose your path as an Archer, Warrior, Assassin, Knight, or master the bow, sword, knife, and shield.

Unleash Skills and Special Abilities

Prepare for epic battles by unlocking diverse skills and special abilities. Engage your enemies strategically and watch your character perform incredible battlefield feats. Mastering these skills will be crucial to becoming a true RPG champion.

Crafting and Hero Systems

Pixel Blade R - Idle RPG introduces a crafting system that allows you to create your weapons and equipment. Let your creativity and expertise shine as you forge gear tailored to your playstyle. The hero system, featuring various stats, adds depth and customization, ensuring your character becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Explore Various Dungeons

Dive into a world brimming with adventure through various dungeons, including the challenging Boss Raid, the mysterious Tower of Darkness, the intricate Labyrinth, the bountiful Treasure Warehouse, and the endless Infinite Castle. Each dungeon presents unique challenges and rewards, promising hours of engaging gameplay.

No Internet Connection Required

One of the standout features is its offline capability. Whether on a remote journey or preferring to play without an internet connection, this game ensures you can enjoy seamless and immersive offline action RPG gameplay.


Pixel Blade R: Idle Rpg is a remarkable addition to mobile gaming, offering a thrilling combination of action, strategy, and RPG elements. With its captivating dungeons, legendary weapons, crafting systems, and offline capabilities, it's a must-have for any RPG enthusiast. Embark on a journey of a lifetime, defeat powerful foes, and emerge as the ultimate blazer in this fantastical world.


Q: How can I change my character's class in it?
A: Your character's class changes based on the weapon you install, offering a dynamic and customizable gameplay experience.

Q: What are the different dungeons available in the game?
A: It features a variety of dungeons, including Boss Raid, Tower of Darkness, Labyrinth, Treasure Warehouse, and Infinite Castle.

Q: Can I craft my weapons and equipment in the game?
A: The game offers a crafting system that allows you to create your weapons and equipment, adding a personalized touch to your gameplay.

Q: Are there different categories of weapons in this game?
A: The game features various weapon categories, including Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legend, each offering unique abilities and attributes.

Q: How do skills and special abilities work in this game?
A: You can unlock and utilize diverse skills and special abilities to strategically engage enemies and enhance combat prowess.

Pixel Blade R - Idle Rpg v2.3.4

  • 2024-02-06
  • 75.0 MB
  • 2.3.4

MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution v2.3.2

  • 2023-10-24
  • 74.3 MB
  • 2.3.2

MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

Pixel Blade Revolution v2.3.1

  • 2023-10-24
  • 74.1 MB
  • 2.3.1

MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Speed)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android