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Free Download NETFLIX Moonlighter MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It's a unique blend of adventure and strategy in a vividly animated world. This game captures the essence of exploration and entrepreneurship, placing you in the shoes of Will, a shopkeeper with dreams of becoming a hero.

NETFLIX Moonlighter Game Overview

Imagine stepping into the shoes of your favorite Netflix characters by day and embarking on secret moonlighting adventures by night. That's the core experience of it. The game cleverly integrates narratives from popular Netflix series with engaging, player-driven missions, whether unraveling mysteries, battling foes, or building alliances. Every action you take influences the unfolding story, making each playthrough uniquely yours.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Players can expect a rich, narrative-driven experience combining strategy, role-playing, and adventure elements. The game's interface is sleek and intuitive, ensuring that even newcomers can dive straight into the action without feeling overwhelmed. Its seamless integration of Netflix storylines sets it apart, allowing players to interact with familiar characters and settings in novel ways.

Character Customization and Development

Players can design their avatars, choose their paths, and develop their skills per their preferred play style. Whether you fancy yourself a cunning strategist or a fearless warrior, the game accommodates a variety of approaches. This personal touch enhances the gameplay and deepens the player's connection to the story.

Multiplayer Features and Community Engagement

No moonlighting adventure is complete without a crew, and it makes connecting with friends and other players a breeze. The game boasts robust multiplayer features, including cooperative missions, competitive leagues, and social spaces where players can meet and strategize. This emphasis on community enriches the gaming experience and fosters a sense of belonging among players.

Graphics and Sound Design

The game's vibrant and detailed graphics effectively capture the essence of various Netflix universes. Accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack and top-notch voice acting, the game immerses players in a sensory experience that rivals watching their favorite Netflix shows.

Accessibility and User-Friendly Interface

Accessibility is crucial, ensuring players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. The user interface is straightforward, with clear instructions and adaptive difficulty levels. Whether you're a casual gamer looking for a fun way to interact with Netflix content or a hardcore player seeking a new challenge, it caters to a broad audience.


NETFLIX Moonlighter is a groundbreaking game that offers a fresh and exciting way to engage with Netflix content. Its unique blend of storytelling, gameplay, and community features makes it a must-try for any Netflix fan or gaming enthusiast. Whether you're moonlighting solo or with friends, the adventures that await in the world will surely keep you coming back for more.


Q: Can I play it without a Netflix subscription?
A: The game can be played without a Netflix subscription, but having one may enhance your experience with additional content and features.

Q: Can I play it on any Android device?
A: It is designed for Android phones and tablets. However, ensure your device meets the game's minimum system requirements for the best experience.

Q: Can I play it offline?
A: It requires an internet connection for most features, including multiplayer and content updates.

Q: How often is new content added to the game?
A: The developers regularly update the game with new content, missions, and features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

NETFLIX Moonlighter v1.13.57

  • 2024-02-26
  • 423 MB
  • 1.13.57

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 8.0+
  • Platform:Android