My Cafe - Restaurant & Cooking 2024.4.1.1Free Download

Free Download My Cafe—Restaurant & Cooking MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This exciting and addictive Android game allows you to create and manage your café. With its immersive gameplay and charming visuals, this game provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

My Cafe - Restaurant & Cooking Game Overview

It offers a unique blend of restaurant management, cooking, and storytelling. In this game, you step into the shoes of a café owner and embark on a journey to create the ultimate dining experience for your customers. From designing the café layout to hiring staff and crafting mouthwatering recipes, every aspect of café management is in your hands.

Build and Customize Your Cafe

You have complete control over the design and layout of your café. Choose from various decorative items, furniture, and equipment to create a welcoming and stylish atmosphere. Let your creativity shine as you customize every detail, from the color scheme to the arrangement of tables and chairs.

Serve Delicious Food and Beverages

The heart of any café lies in its menu. You can prepare various dishes and drinks to satisfy your customers' taste buds. The options are endless, from classic coffee and pastries to exotic cuisines and refreshing beverages. Experiment with different recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques to create masterpieces that will keep your customers returning for more.

Interact with Customers

One of the highlights is the interaction with customers. Each customer has unique preferences, personalities, and stories to tell. Engage in conversations, fulfill their orders, and cater to their needs. Building relationships with your customers can unlock special rewards, uncover intriguing stories, and gain loyal patrons.

Expand Your Café Empire

As you progress in the game, you can expand your café empire by opening new branches in different locations. Manage multiple cafés simultaneously and watch your business grow. Hire skilled staff, train them to provide excellent service, and delegate tasks to ensure smooth operations. Each successful expansion will attract more customers and increase your profits.


My Cafe—Restaurant & Cooking is a delightful Android game that blends café management, cooking, and storytelling. Its immersive gameplay, charming visuals, and endless possibilities will entertain you for hours. Download it now and embark on an exciting culinary adventure!


Q: Can I play it offline?
A: The game requires an internet connection to play. This allows social interactions, events, and updates to enhance your gaming experience.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of it?
A: You can fully customize the layout, decorations, and furnishings of your café to create a unique and personalized space.

Q: Are there regular updates and new content?
A: Its developers regularly release updates introducing new features, events, recipes, etc. Stay tuned for exciting content to enhance your gameplay.

Q: Can I play the game on multiple devices?
A: You can sync your game progress across multiple devices by connecting to your Google Play Games or Facebook account. This allows you to continue managing your café on different devices seamlessly.

My Cafe - Restaurant & Cooking v2024.4.1.1

  • 2024-04-21
  • 595 MB
  • 2024.4.1.1

MOD APK + OBB (Speed Up)

My Cafe - Restaurant & Cooking v2024.4.1.0

  • 2024-04-15
  • 519 MB
  • 2024.4.1.0

MOD APK + OBB (Speed Up)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android

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