Multiverse War: Idle RPG 1.1.0Free Download

Free Download Multiverse War: Idle RPG MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This game combines the old RPG with the attractive Idle adventure.

Multiverse War: Idle RPG Free Download Overview

Multiverse War: Idle RPG is a thrilling game that immerses you in the epic battle to reclaim lost territories, protect planets, and defeat the forces of evil in a fiery combat setting. This RPG game offers a unique blend of team-building and idle gameplay, ensuring your team never runs short of resources during this extraordinary adventure.

Join the Battle for the Multiverse

Step into the shoes of a fearless intergalactic warrior tasked with restoring peace to the multiverse. The game begins with the universe in chaos, as evil forces have laid waste to countless planets and civilizations. Your mission is to fight these cosmic invaders, ensuring they are stopped in their tracks.

Assemble Your Dream Team

In it, you're not alone in this battle. Assemble your dream team by recruiting heroes and warriors from across the multiverse. Each character has unique abilities and skills, and it's up to you to strategize and form the ultimate team to combat the enemy.

Unleash the Power of Idle Gameplay

One of the standout features of this game is the integration of idle gameplay. While you're away from your device, your team continues to gather resources and engage in battles. This ensures that your progress never stalls, and you're always ready for action when you return to the game.

Epic Battles Await

Prepare for epic battles that test your strategic thinking and combat skills. Engage in intense confrontations with the monstrous invaders and unleash powerful abilities to turn the tide of the battle. The fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance, and your decisions will determine the outcome.

Explore Diverse Worlds

The multiverse is a vast and diverse place. You'll be able to explore various worlds with unique challenges and environments. From lush forests to desolate wastelands, you must adapt your strategy to conquer them all.

Upgrade and Evolve Your Heroes

As you progress through the game, you'll have the chance to upgrade and evolve your heroes. Strengthen their abilities, equip them with powerful gear, and watch as they transform into unstoppable forces on the battlefield.


Multiverse War: Idle RPG mod apk is an action-packed Android game that promises hours of entertainment as you take on the role of an intergalactic warrior. Its blend of team-building and idle gameplay makes it a unique experience that will keep you hooked. Join the battle, assemble your team, and prepare for epic battles across diverse worlds. The fate of the multiverse is in your hands, and the adventure is waiting for you.


Q: Can I play it offline? 
A: You can play the game offline. However, an internet connection is required for certain features and updates.

Q: Can I sync my game progress across multiple devices?
A: It offers cloud saving, allowing you to sync your progress across different devices.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in the game?
A: The game focuses on single-player gameplay, but future updates may introduce multiplayer features.

Multiverse War - Idle RPG v1.1.0

  • 2024-05-30
  • 99.3 MB
  • 1.1.0

MOD APK (Free Purchase, God Mode)

Multiverse War - Idle RPG v1.0.9

  • 2024-01-03
  • 101 MB
  • 1.0.9

MOD APK (Free Purchase, God Mode)

Multiverse War - Idle RPG v1.0.7

  • 2023-10-08
  • 76.2 MB
  • 1.0.7

MOD APK (Free Purchase, God Mode)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android