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Free Download Mergeland MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Mergeland Elven puts you on a mission to restore glory and brilliance to the garden that has unfortunately been buried.

Mergeland Game Overview

Mergeland combines elements of strategy, creativity, and puzzle-solving in a captivating way. As the protagonist, your first task is to gather magic friends to aid you in your quest. To do this, you must merge three eggs, hatching adorable fairy creatures like elves, butterflies, ghosts, unicorns, and more. With over 200 types of magical beings to discover, each with its unique charm, the journey promises to be both delightful and diverse.

The magic creatures start in their baby forms, which are fragile and limited in their abilities. By merging, you'll guide them to evolve into more vital elder forms, enhancing their capabilities to complete complex tasks. It's a fascinating process that adds a layer of strategy to the game, making every decision impactful on your journey to save Mergeland.

Armed with your growing army of magical companions, your ultimate goal is to build a beautiful home in the once-frozen land. Merge magic goes beyond combining creatures; it extends to merging various objects in the elf world. Merge sunflowers to generate more healing sunshine, combine mining machines for construction materials, merge houses for larger elf homes, and merge treasures for immense wealth to recruit even more elves. The vast possibilities encompassed trees, grass, rocks, food, chests, and diamonds. Each merger upgrades the items, creating a domino effect where the new item's value surpasses the sum of its original components. It's a testament to your wisdom and creativity—transforming limited resources into boundless possibilities.

The magic of Mergeland isn't confined to construction alone. As you progress, you'll encounter challenging-level puzzles that excite the game. Explore the vast world, strategically merge elves and objects, and solve intricate puzzles that test your intellect and creativity. The journey is challenging and advantageous, promising hours of entertainment for those who appreciate combining strategy and puzzle-solving in a magical setting.

Unlocking the Secrets of Mergeland

The allure of Mergeland lies in its simplicity and complexity—finding the perfect balance between merging magic and puzzle-solving. The game offers a unique experience where the frozen landscape gradually transforms into a vibrant haven for magical creatures. As you delve deeper, unlock the secrets of Mergeland by discovering hidden treasures, solving intricate puzzles, and witnessing the evolution of your magical companions.

Unleashing the Power of Merge Magic

Merge magic is at the heart of Mergeland, empowering you to shape the destiny of this enchanted realm. It's not just about merging creatures; it's about connecting the essence of the land itself. Merge wisely, and you'll witness the transformation of limited resources into unlimited potential. The power to create lies in your hands—use merge magic to craft over 400 types of objects and breathe life into Mergeland.

Building Your Monster Legend

Every merge, every puzzle solved, and every construction completed adds a new chapter to the monster legend of Mergeland. As the Sage, your decisions shape the destiny of this magical realm. Build a legacy that echoes through the elf world, creating a harmonious haven for magical creatures and establishing yourself as the true savior of Mergeland.


Mergeland is a captivating journey into a realm of magic, puzzles, and creativity. Its charming characters, strategic merging, and challenging puzzles offer a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Dive into the frozen world, unleash the power of merge magic, and become the legendary Sage Mergeland desperately needs.


Q: How many types of magical creatures are there in it?
A: It boasts over 200 magical creatures with unique characteristics and charm.

Q: Can I merge objects other than magical creatures in the game?
A: It allows you to merge various objects, including sunflowers, mining machines, houses, treasures, and more, creating a diverse range of items.

Q: Are the level puzzles in it challenging?
A: Its level puzzles are both challenging and exciting. They excite the game, testing your strategic thinking and puzzle-solving skills.

Q: How does merging objects upgrade them in it?
A: When you merge two items, the resulting item's value exceeds the sum of the original two items. It's a unique aspect of joining magic that adds depth to the gameplay.

Q: Is it suitable for all ages?
A: It is designed to be enjoyable for players of all ages, offering a delightful and family-friendly gaming experience.

Q: Can I explore the world of it freely?
A: It encourages exploration as you strategically merge elves and objects while solving puzzles to uncover the secrets of the enchanted realm.

Mergeland v3.28.0

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